Why does language matter in wellness?

Why does language matter in wellness?

Gia Campolo, Special Sections Editor November 9, 2023

As many student health providers work to destigmatize mental, sexual and physical health, it is important to pay attention to specific populations who face extra barriers in health care. Switching to more...

Anxious online identities

Anxious online identities

Juggling fashion trends, social media and identity in our modernized digitized world
Rachel Oliver, Managing Editor October 6, 2023

I have spent countless mornings standing paralyzed in front of my closet, unable to decide what to wear for the day, looking at Pinterest or TikTok to try and get some inspiration. Usually, social media...

Body and beauty standards in the age of social media

Body and beauty standards in the age of social media

Short-lived fads degrade self-esteem and alter the way we view ourselves
Ava Peinhardt, Opinion Editor October 6, 2023

At an age where all of us are figuring out who we want to be, we also face the dilemma of how we want to be perceived by other people. There are countless voices telling us what normal looks like, what...

The blessing and curse of COVID quarantines

The blessing and curse of COVID quarantines

When being forced to take a physical break reveals you needed a mental break
Aubrey Jackson, Arts & Entertainment Reporter October 6, 2023

I’m not someone who measures school by counting down the days until my next break from it, but recently, I’ve felt like the weight of this semester has been getting incrementally more heavy — and...

The gift of greenspaces

The gift of greenspaces

Immersing yourself in nature can be the break you need from the bustle at Trinity
Ava Peinhardt October 6, 2023

Between homework, studying for midterms and keeping up with extracurriculars, student life can be overwhelming. Even as a senior, I still struggle with balancing the demands of my academics and my body’s...

10/6 Crossword: Wellness

October 6, 2023

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Putting a price on happiness: The cost of wellness culture

Putting a price on happiness: The cost of wellness culture

Ashwini Vivek, Opinion Columnist March 9, 2023

From juice cleanses and pricey skincare to retreats and diets, wellness culture has transformed the way we view ourselves and our health, and not necessarily for the better. Influencers and companies sell...

Just keep swimming: Taking time for self-care

Just keep swimming: Taking time for self-care

Ways to self-care, find positivity during stressful academic times and cultivate motivation
Malika Chauhan, Pulse Reporter October 20, 2022

As midterms wrap up and the number of days left in the semester starts to dwindle, the environment around Trinity may feel something akin to that of a graveyard. This change in energy and pace can often...

Photo credit: Kate Nuelle

Just because you’re hurting does not mean you can hurt others

Shelby Sperling October 21, 2020

illustration by Kate NuelleSo you’ve had a bad day, or maybe even a bad month. Heck, maybe you’re having a bad year. If that’s the case, you’re not alone. Whether you struggle with...

Photo credit: Matthew Claybrook

Meditation beyond the hype

Malcolm Fox October 3, 2019
Timeless wisdom for the present moment
photo by Allison Wolff, staff photographer

TUfit promotes health, wellness for reading days

Hailey Wilson April 18, 2018

Before TUfit was established, students looking to get active would typically turn to intramural sports, outdoor recreation, or the Bell Center. Now, TUfit aims to be Trinity’s premier health and wellness...

Liam Knippenberg gets ready to lift in the Bell Center. Photo by Amani Canada

The importance of barbell training

Liam Knippenberg September 6, 2017

I recognize this isn't the most gripping topic in collegiate life today, but in terms of actual day-to-day impact and the potential for measurable change, college students like ourselves are going to be...

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