Best bars in San Antonio


Did you know that San Antonio is the 5th drunkest city in the United States? That being said, there are plenty of venues that keep the city inebriated and achieving these impressive statistics. Once you turn 21, it’s like you have the ruby slippers and can now get into Oz without hassle. Going out and enjoying a drink with friends will become an anticipated, enjoyable and expensive new pastime. Well, since most of us are already in debt thanks to Trinity’s high cost of education, I have put together a list of some really fun bars to go for drinks “” most of which won’t rape your wallet.

Howl at the Moon (111 W. Crockett St.)

This establishment is probably one of the most frequented by Trinity students on the weekend because of the ever generous Howl Parties being thrown. When you win a party your friends (or random people who see it on Facebook) can mention your name at the door and get a wrist band that ensures them half-priced drinks till 8 p.m. and two $1 drink tickets. They have a great outdoor patio, but inside is where all of the live music is. The dueling piano bar is set in the middle of the room and they play covers of oldies and new releases and take requests from the far from sober audience.

“Howl is a great way to spend a Friday night. Cheap drinks and free food, which college students live for, and lots of fun music that we all know the words to. There’s also usually a large presence of Trinity people on Friday nights, so you can go mingle with people you know in a great atmosphere and imbibe without spending all of your money.” – Lauren Copley, senior

Bombay’s Bicycle club (3506 N. St. Mary’s)

Tradition and great service keep Trinity students streaming in through the doors at Bay’s. Generations of Trinity students have enjoyed happy hour there and many students also enjoy employment as bartenders or waitresses.

“Bays provides a comfortable, convenient option for Trinity students to get together. They have enticing weekly specials, a friendly crew, and now that smoking is no longer allowed, a night out doesn’t have to include a sore throat.” – Martin Schwed, senior

The Friendly Spot (943 S. Alamo St.)

This place is most popular during First Fridays because it is a causal stop along all of the art galleries and vendors. Don’t expect to be there all night since it closes at midnight.

“The Friendly Spot is a very comfortable bar with a fantastic selection of beer. It has outside seating so take advantage of the ideal weather we’ve been having!” – Toby Merkt, senior

Panchito’s (4100 McCullough Avenue)

So, not a bar exactly but the Thursday night margarita specials ($2 for a very effective beverage) are worth mentioning on this list. Here, eating is combined with drinking; you will always run into people you know from Trinity “” it’s sort of like our Thursday night watering hole.

“The place to be on Thursdays if you are anybody that is anybody. Sure you have to deal with the crowded waiting area, but nothing a $2 margarita cannot cure! Happy Hour begins at 4 pm if you wanna get started early. Plus, who can say no to a delicious margarita…that only costs $2…within walking distance of campus…judge me.” – James Jarrott, junior

Esquire (155 E. Commerce)

The Esquire proudly boasts the longest wooden bar in Texas. A little more upscale than some of the other places on the list, this is definitely a classy establishment that should be visited at least once in your bar hopping career.

“I love the Esquire because it has some of the best bartenders in town who actually KNOW how to make a good cocktail. They don’t just throw some coke from a spout into a glass and pour $11 bottom-shelf rum in it. They know about liquors, liquers, mixers and are willing to teach you about the history of the drink and the chemistry behind it. You can go in and tell the bartender you like gin and sweet flavors and they’ll make you a concoction that is 10-times better than the vodka-cran you were going to order.” – Kaitlin Graves, senior