Letter to the editor: Transparency is needed to protect university as a whole

Dear Editor,

Trinity University’s lack of forthrightness during the current Greek letter organization fiasco is a complete disappointment to alumni nationwide. More than a month after sending out a cryptic email, there has been no further information except for a remarkably vague Trinitonian article, which only repeated that the University was investigating Greek organizations.

The administration and the Trinitonian owe a duty to current and former students to enlighten them on the developments in the investigation. The newspaper has a duty of journalistic integrity. Although Greek life is only a small portion of the Trinity educational experience, headlines about Trinity’s Greek scandal are the first thing employers and graduate programs will see. By not promoting transparency during the investigation, the University has perpetuated the idea that the University as a whole has been involved rather than specific groups that do not represent the Trinity student body as a whole. Dean Tuttle has mismanaged the balance of weighing students’ privacy against the University’s reputation.

The rumors swirling around are vile and upsetting. By not reporting a full and true account of the alleged events, the University and the Trinitonian perpetuate a bleak image of Trinity’s potential, especially during National Sexual Assault Awareness Month (April). It is high time to end the journalistic parlor tricks this publication has used to shield our “delicate” sensibilities from the truth. Go Tigers!

Tyler L. Krentz graduated from Trinity University in 2011