Spotlight delights Trinity with student performances

Trinity’s annual talent competition featured many amazing acts, but only two winners.

The Trinitones came away with the large group prize and Just Friends took home the small group prize.

Spotlight was held on Saturday, April 7, in Laurie Auditorium and featured fourteen acts. The night’s theme was “Everything’s Bigger in Texas.”

The Trinitones, Trinity’s male acapella group, performed a medley of classic Disney songs such as “A Whole New World” from Aladin and “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” from Mulan. The performance was a crowd-pleaser and swayed the judges’ collective mind.

The Trinitones includes seniors Jory Murphy, Michael Leach, junior Alex Bretoi, sophomores Josh Pedrick, Ian Remson, Addison Freeman, Kevin Culver and Jonathan Moore and first years Ethan Valdes and Peter Steinbach.

Just Friends, a group featuring seniors Kaela Dickens, Sydney Gerbino, Trey Bush and Zach Garcia, performed a song called “Slumber.” The piece featured an acoustic guitar, a cajà³n and beautiful harmonies.

The show was produced by Student Programming Board and managed by junior Megan Cubbler. Juniors James Jarrot and Shelby Seier had the honor of hosting Trinity’s fifty-fourth annual Spotlight and kept the audience entertained between acts.

The two winners were up against fairly stiff competition. The night featured a jazz piece performed by seniors Bryan Caffey and Will Aufricht, juniors Katy Silva and Graham Aufricht and KRTU radio host Kory Cook, an improvised Spanish jam by juniors Mark Ahmadieh, Juan Jose Morales and Woneui Lee and a dance routine performed by the men of Pi Kappa Alpha and the ladies of Sigma Theta Tau.

Last year senior Bryan Caffey and alumna Abbey Drake won the small group competition with their performance of “Steam Heat” and a group called “The GDIs” won the large group competition with a musical number titled “Good Morning, Voldemort,” a parody of the Broadway hit “Good Morning, Baltimore.”

Spotlight is the annual climax of Spring Family Weekend and Trinity students are certainly looking forward to next year’s competition. There is plenty of time to prepare.