Guest Column: Presidential Address

Welcome to Trinity University, Class of 2016. For the coming year, I will be your student body president. I am the president of Trinity’s student government, the Association of Student Representatives. Like any effective student government, represents and solves the major issues of the student body. We stand as the intermediary between the university administration and the student body. Our mission is to ensure that your time on campus is the best time of your life.  We strive to ensure this basic, yet important, mission through funding for student organizations and solving key student issues. Quite often, solving these issues involves us dealing with the university administration and the faculty.

The last year has been a spectacle of change by which Trinity, as a university and as a community, has experienced a multitude of developments that have penetrated the most fundamental levels of university life. Whether it has been the construction of a state-of-the-art science building, a new dining plan or the beginnings of a new curriculum, the university as a whole has changed itself in attempt to further achieve the goals of the university mission.

A great opportunity for all of you this coming semester will be four open positions for first year senators in ASR. Elections for first year positions will take place in September or October. The candidates will get to articulate their positions on various aspects of student life. I highly encourage as many of you as possible to run for these positions in student government.

My personal goals for this year  include making our student government proactive, not only in Trinity University, but also in the daily life of the student body. I not only want to implement change and reform with the intentions of long term change in the university and student government, but I also want ASR to create or aid in tangible and noticeable improvements to campus life over the coming year. Feel free to personally contact me or visit ASR’s website at to learn more about ASR. So with these words, I leave an open invitation to all students to attend any of our regularly scheduled ASR meetings, which will be held in the Waxacahie Room of Upstairs Coates starting in September.

Joe Moore is president of ASR. He is a senior finance and history major.