First Year’s Guide to the Library

For many first years the library can be a confusing and frightening place, but if you learn to use it to its fullest potential the library can be your best friend. Obviously, the library has books, but Elizabeth Huth Coates Library is also home to some of Trinity’s favorite hangouts and some of the university’s best-kept secrets.

Java City
(Third Floor)

Java City is the premier café on campus. The menu is full of drinks and snacks to keep you awake and energized while studying late into the night. Java City provides ample seating and is a favorite meeting spot for Trinity students.

Circulation Desk
(Third Floor)

The Circulation Desk is a one-stop shop for all your library needs. Need help finding a book? Want to check out a laptop or study room? The Circulation Desk is where you need to go. It also houses a small gnome statue that can be checked out by students as a good”“luck study charm.

(Third Floor)

The third floor is always the busiest floor in the library. Apart from the Circulation Desk and Java City, it also houses Trinity’s famous mural, “Man’s Evolving Images: Printing and Writing.” Oddly enough, the third floor of the library is great for socializing so if you’re trying to get some serious work done, your best bet is to take the stairs.

Special Collections
(Second Floor)

Special Collections houses Trinity’s archives and is easily one of the coolest places on campus. Tucked away on the second floor, Special Collections holds the university’s history as well as important historical books and manuscripts, including a book from 1300. This is an incredibly quiet and beautiful place to study or conduct research and has remained largely unexplored by the majority of students.

Center for Learning and Technology
(First Floor)

Located on the first floor, the Center for Learning and Technology is one of Trinity’s most impressive resources. CLT has some of Trinity’s most advanced digital editing technology. Students can use the area for audio and video editing as well checking out recording equipment.

Ginny’s Printing
(First Floor)

Ginny’s Printing is a private printing company located on the first floor that provides any and all print services students need. It’s perfect for putting together high-quality presentations or printing fliers for student organizations, all at a competitive price.