Top ten Trinity traditions

Trinity may be a small school, but it is not a school short of traditions.  Some traditions date way back while others have only developed recently. You may enjoy some more than others, as I know I do. However, each tradition is worth participating in at least once. Here are the top 10 traditions in no particular order:

1) Birthday Fountain (real name of it is the Miller Fountain)
Year tradition began: 1960

Midnight before your birthday your friends and hallmates will gather to walk with you or carry you (depending on your willingness) to the fountain where they will then throw you in. I’d suggest a gentle throw as the water is never more than maybe 2-feet deep.

2) Tower Climb (Murchison Tower)
Year tradition began: No one is quite sure, but we assume after 1964 when the tower was dedicated.

The first week you are here you will get the chance to climb the tower.  That chance will not come again till the last week of your senior year when not only can you climb but you can also pay to sign a brick. Few tips: Wear tennis shoes because it is a long climb, and be careful with your electronics as my first tower climb I dropped my phone out of the tower on accident.

3) Calvert Ghosts
Year tradition began: 1989

Basically a bunch of kids, usually from the Calvert dorm, will streak around campus covered in just white flour around Halloween. It’s easy to miss them so be on the lookout unless of course you don’t like seeing naked people run.

4) Christmas on Oakmont/Vespers
Year tradition began: Vespers in the chapel started in 1967 while the tradition on Oakmont started in 1972.

This happens the week before we are let out for winter break. The choir has a Christmas performance in the chapel along with a small service. After Vespers, students walk to Oakmont (where the administrators live) to go from house to house, meeting the administrators and getting free food.  Look out for the house with the tamales; they go fast.

5) Martin Luther King Jr. March/guest speaker
Year tradition began: 1997

San Antonio has one of the biggest MLK Jr. marches in the country, which obviously happens on MLK day. There is a guest speaker the next day that is always interesting. Last year it was Malcolm X’s daughter.

6) Nacho Hour
Year tradition began: 2006

Free nachos and drinks from 3:33 to 4:33 every Wednesday in Coates with Trinity staff. Need I say more?

7) Flash Rave
Year tradition began: 2009

This is one of the weirder traditions at Trinity and happens at the end of every semester. Right before finals, a flash rave is held in the library. This basically consists of a bunch of extremely sweaty people dressed in neon jumping up and down for 20 long minutes. Everyone should participate in this at least once.

8) The seal in front of Northrup
Year tradition began: 2004

Don’t walk on it. It’s bad luck. Supposedly you will not graduate Trinity in four years if you do. It is also seen as a sign of respect to those who built the school. So if you would love to do an extra year of school work and disrespect the founders then more power to you to stomp all over it.

9) Chocolate festival
Year tradition began: Unkown

This is my favorite tradition because I am addicted to chocolate. Clubs and organizations get together every February and serve free chocolate on the Esplanade. Get there early because the chocolate goes fast.

10) Tigerfest Gala
Year tradition began: Unkown

It happens every year around the beginning of the school year and is like any other school dance you went to in high school ““ i.e. it’s held in a nice hall, everyone gets dressed up and someone shows up way too drunk ““ but nonetheless, it’s always a good time.