Transportation tips

So you don’t have a car, little first year; it’s okay, we all mature at different speeds. Here’s the real secret though: you don’t even need a car to experience Trinity University or San Antonio. If you’re struggling to get from point A to point B, want to be chauffeured around or just don’t want to end up like Randy Travis (haha), here is a nifty, organized for your convenience, list of alternatives.

Hertz On Demand Basically, a rent-a-car service. The process is a bit involved, but if you apply for membership (use the link for Hertz On Demand at the Trinity website under current students) you will receive a card in the mail that swipes on the vehicle and allows you to drive your little heart out.

Taxi Cab Probably not the smoothest way to travel, nor the cheapest, but definitely the most entertaining. Your taxi driver will make the ride, so find any opportunity to get them talking ““ you might discover they’re cooler than you think. The most popular service is Yellow Cab; it’s as easy as 222-2222.

Public Transit The thought makes me shiver… but if you must travel the greater San Antonio area by means of public transit, the only thing I can tell you is to bring a friend. There are some scary people in the world, and they’re better observed in two’s.

TUPD (on-campus travel) Obviously, TUPD won’t take you to your favorite frat party or to your nearest Forever 21, but if you’re on campus and feeling unsafe, lazy or a wee bit tipsy, give “˜em a call at 210-999-7070. Maybe bring a doughnut so you don’t make them feel like their jobs are completely useless.