Alumnus places in texting contest

Alumnus Patrick Crim (“˜12) placed fifth in the LG Mobile U.S. National Texting Championship over the summer.
The competition was held in Times Square in New York City and the first place finisher walked away with $50,000.

Crim began as one of 100,000 participants which were selected down to 180 over an eight-week period. The field was then narrowed to just 24 entrants through speed and accuracy texting challenges.

Finally, Crim made the cut into the top 10.

He and the other finalists were sent competition-standard phones and given a paid trip to New York City for the final round.

Through a rigorous final round and two re-dos Crim emerged in fifth place.

Crim, who majored in communication and plans to attend law school, hopes to compete again and trump his impressive fifth place finish.

Q: When did you first discover you had this texting talent?

A: I’ve always had pretty quick fingers. I grew up playing piano so I’m pretty sure that contributed. I didn’t get my first cell phone until I was 16 though.

Q: How did you find out about the national texting competition?

A: I actually qualified for it my senior year of high school, but back then you had to pay for your trip to New York. My parents also thought it was fake so they said no. Then I forgot about it until this year. I saw it on Facebook somewhere I believe.

Q: What was it like to go to New York?

A: Awesome experience. They paid for our entire trip and I got to bring a friend. I’ve been to New York before with my family but never by myself.

Q: How did you feel about your performance in the competition?

A: I think I did pretty well. They sent us a phone we had to use though and it wasn’t a touch screen which what I’m used to.

Q: Looking back now, what are your thoughts on the whole experience?

A: I had a ton of fun. I’ll absolutely try to get back next year. LG was a great host and showed us an awesome time. Plus, the prospect of making $50,000 just for texting fast is still ridiculous in my mind.