Apps for work and for play

If you’re anything like me, then you should stop trying to find more apps on your smartphone to play with. But if you got a new iPad or an S3 and you just NEED to download some apps since only having Tiny Wings on your homescreen is too emasculating, then here are some apps to help you through the school year and keep you entertained!

Apps to Help:

Evernote ““ Before I used Evernote, reading my notes on my laptop from my phone while on a bathroom break was something relegated to my wildest dreams! With the proliferation of tablets, computers, smartphones and internet-capable refrigerators, it’s a necessity to keep your files organized between all of them. Anything you write down or record (audio) on Evernote syncs with all of your other devices. Oh, oh, oh, it’s magic!

Stanza ““ I know that reading is an obsolete, archaic activity (what is this “newspaper” you are holding?), but in the rare chance that you have to, don’t buy that fireplace fuel! Novels, textbooks, magazines and, ironically, newspapers are now being released side-by-side with their electronic counterparts. E-books are cheaper, more portable and more convenient (more syncing goodness)! One downside: you can’t show off your collection to guests to demonstrate how well-read, cultured and intelligent you are.

Apps to Distract:

Song Pop ““ Imagine Draw Something! but for music, not inappropriate and crudely drawn images. The game plays snippets of songs depending on which collection you pick (I’m a beast in hip-hop!). Then you compete against each other! There are various categories to choose from, like classic rock, and more can be unlocked if you don’t suck as much as you do at everything else. It’s surprisingly addicting and involves far less ambiguous, mono-colored drawings.

Kairosoft ““ If you’ve never played a game made by Kairosoft, then be prepared to lose hours of sleep and productivity. If you have played before, then I just want you to know they have a new game out called Cafeteria Nipponica. Kairosoft is a Japanese company that develops mobile games in the simulation genre. It’s Lemonade Tycoon but for adults. Game Dev Story, a game all about developing a video game developer (so meta) into a big, productive company, has taken up more of my time than anything ever should.