Res Hall Confidential: What you didn’t know

Okay folks, let’s consider the move-in process:

  1. Dump everything in your room.
  2. Hope you find everything later.

It’s pretty simple, but now we’re on to a considerably more difficult feat.  Trinity residence halls have their perks, and they may have been voted best rooms according to CosmoGirl! magazine but there are some facts that Trinity might have left out in their tour of the residence halls, and I’m fully prepared to put my likelihood of future scholarships on the line to tell you exactly what those facts are.

You should be aware that Beze and Herndon have no balconies. If you’re not aware, kindly take a step outside your room and realize that you’ve just entered a not-so-private walkway for all of your hall mates. Oops, did you think that was sort of like a balcony? Awkward . . . I hope your hall mates aren’t too loud when coming back from those college parties I told you about. Also, notice the lack of elevator. Trinity is really working hard to make sure your freshman 15 is averted (sort of a plus?).

Winn is a whole other story. Make friends with your hall mates ““ or don’t because odds are you’ll know everything about their lives anyway because you can hear everything. Thin walls = thick friendships, yeah? No. Oh, don’t forget that awesomely awesome fragrance emitting from Mabee’s dumpsters. It’s sort of a mixture of ketchup and chocolate milk. Don’t worry, you wear it well.

McLean is arguably one of our nicer residence halls, but it is dangerously close to Mabee and further from the peeps your age. Lunch party of one? Calvert and Miller I’ve heard are not that bad either, but some of the rooms have tile instead of carpet. Like you didn’t need that morning pick me up. Nothing like cold hard tile and a cold shower to start your day off right!

As a previous resident of Thomas, all I can tell you sophomores out there is that the elevator will be your second choice next to stairs. Unless you love the smell of urine and vomit ““ then it’s totally your call! As far as the whole Thomas vs. Prassel debate, I’m a firm supporter of Thomas, but Prassel has its pros. For example, you will undoubtedly get buns of steels making the perilous trek to your room. They also have a snack bar, which is perfect for all those late night study seshes you’ll be having, right??

By the time you reach junior year, you more than likely will come to terms with the lack of luxury and learn to joke about it. In all honesty, it’s not that bad, especially compared to residence halls on other college campuses. So, take the good with the bad, and pray for graduation. No, I’m totally kidding. College for the rest of my life, yo.