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    Don DimickSep 10, 2012 at 12:26 pm

    “by altering the mentality of those who haze.” are those who haze an inherently different type of person with a different mentality than the rest of us? Are some people “good people” who would never haze and other “bad people” who would haze and they need their inherent mentality changed? Every U.S. President and Vice President, except two in each office, born since the first social fraternity was founded in 1825 have been members of a fraternity and most of them probably involved hazing to a degree above and beyond those actions that occurred last spring (I understand sexual allegations were raized and that is not what I am talking about, I am concerned with hazing as an organization) but these men grew up to be leaders of our country. Using the past to justify the future is not a valid argument I understand that but these individuals who were elected to run the country were most likely suseptable to behavior considered hazing by the school policy but chose paths above other inheirant illicit behavior we may associate with “those who haze.” Hazing is wrong but so are many actions (drugs, cheating, speeding, parking illegally, underage drinking) that we try to educate people against doing instead of contributing the actions to a “certain type of person” and placing the entire burden of the wrongdoing on a person’s inheirant tendency to do wrong. Below is the list of actions deemed hazing by the University, if a member of the faculty was in every room involved with orientation for every Fraternity and Sorority that is still an active member of campus life, do the organizations truthfully think that the faculty member would not be able to observe a single thing on this list that goes on and has probably been going on for a prolonged period of time. There are not “people who haze” and “people who don’t” we are all students at a university attempting to navigate a complicated existance and occasionally we don’t have it quite figured out and end up doing things before we can fully fathom the effects of our actions. I appreciate the call to action to step up and make the change ourselves as students and members of organizations but we are all a part of this and need to work to educate our campus about the dangers of hazing so that no one commits it regardless of who they are, what club they are a part of and what the intention was.

    List of actions considered hazing by Trinity:

    1. any physical act of violence expected of, or inflicted upon, another

    2. any physical activity expected of, or inflicted upon, another, including calisthenics

    3. pressure or coercion of another to consume any legal or illegal substance

    4. making available unlawful substances

    5. excessive fatigue or sleep deprivation as a result of any activities

    6. forced exposure to the weather

    7. kidnapping, forced road trips, and abandonment

    8. required carrying of or possessing of a specific item or items

    9. servitude (expecting a new member to do the tasks of an experienced member)

    10. costuming and alteration of appearance

    11. line-ups and berating

    12. coerced lewd conduct

    13. degrading games, activities or public stunts

    14. interference with academic pursuits

    15. violation of University policy

    16. assignment of illegal and unlawful activities

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