The slow, sexy, sultry playlist

Confession time. I’m a playlist junkie. I like having playlists for every activity of my day, whether that’s walking to class, working out, jamming in the car or just straight chillin’. But I have another playlist, one that I’m especially proud of. It’s a relatively short playlist, but that’s only because it’s reserved for the best of the best. I’ve been working on it for months now ““ perfecting it, tweaking it. And now it’s ready for your listening pleasure.

It’s called my “making babies” playlist.

And before you go all, “OMG SHE’S GONNA TALK ABOUT SONGS TO GET IT ON TO,” calm yourself. This playlist is not necessarily limited to making babies nor does it promote making babies (though the songs themselves do) ““ it’s just a good playlist. But I am about to go 50 shades of Cosmopolitan on you, so do grab a pen and notepad and do cut out your schedule from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. tonight. You’re going to want to test these puppies out.

Also, slight disclaimer, these songs may be based on my personal preference but with my overtly sexual mind, my keen sense for greatness and my background with Loon-E Crew, I feel that I’m intensely qualified. So, without further ado, here is my compiled list of songs to crank up when you’re getting down.

“Wet the Bed” by Chris Brown

Best Line: “Baby you’re just like a storm rainin’ on me, girl, you’re soakin’ wet.”

Why it’s perfect: It’s Chris Brown. If he can get away with singing about wetting the bed, it’s going to be gold.

“Love Faces” by Trey Songz

Best Line: “Don’t it feel good when I touch on it, wouldn’t it be nice if all night I was in you.”

Why it’s perfect: It has a slow and sensual beat accompanied by blatantly sexual lyrics that I guarantee you will be accidently singing in public.

“Secret” by Maroon 5

Best Line: “I ask you, “˜How hot can it get?’ As you wipe off beads of sweat, slowly, you say, “˜I’m not there yet’.”

Why it’s perfect: As if Adam Levine’s sexy, too-good-to-be-legal voice wasn’t a good enough reason, the electric guitar is possibly the most erotic thing this decade has ever heard.

“Wicked Games” by The Weeknd

Best Line: “Bring the cups, baby, I could bring the drank, bring your body, baby, I could bring you fame.”

Why it’s perfect: This song definitely leans towards the darker, toxic side of love but I’ll be damned if you don’t listen to it and immediately take your clothes off. I’m serious, you could be in public and it will still happen.

“Neighbors Know My Name” by Trey Songz

Best Line: “Sometimes she call me Trey, sometimes she say Tremaine, when it’s all said and done, I bet the neighbors know my name.”

Why it’s perfect: We can’t escape the fact that 99 percent of Trey Songz is “¦ um “¦ songs about sex. And you know what? I bet he’s good at it, because his songs are good at articulating it.

“Motivation” by Kelly Rowland

Best Line: “And when we’re done, I don’t wanna feel my legs. And when we’re done I just wanna feel your hands all over me baby.”

Why it’s perfect: This song, though perhaps a bit outdated and overplayed, is downright impeccable at setting the mood. Not only is it easy to sing along to, but Kelly Rowland’s high octaves really hit that spot “¦ ahem “¦ no pun intended.

“Birthday Sex” by Jeremiah

Best Line: “Don’t need candles or cake, just need your body to make birthday sex.”

Why it’s perfect: Yeah, this one is a little old school too but come on. Did you honestly think I could get away with making a sexy playlist without this song? It’s like the national anthem of doing it at this point.