Features that will never make it to the iPhone

Disclaimer: The Cult of Apple should steer clear away from this article. I’d tell you to go find another article but that might be difficult with the new iOS6 maps.

Much has been said about Apple and the surprise that everyone knew was coming: the new and amazing iPhone 5. The new and amazing iPhone 5 is currently sold out and has already sold five million units in just three days. Everyone is raving about how new and amazing the iPhone 5 is. It has features that an Apple phone has never had like LTE (faster cellular data speeds) and a bigger screen ““ I’m sorry, a higher screen. Oh, and there’s a whole new connector called the lightning connector. It’s all digital! I’m not even sure what that means but oh yeah, I am so excited ““ time to buy new adapters. Unfortunately the next new and amazing iPhone (enter number here) will never have some features.

With the iPhone 5, it seems that Apple has decided to do away with Google ““ their partner for every iPhone before the new and amazing iPhone 5 who is also their main competitor with the Android platform for reasons entirely in their interests, not the consumers’. Native applications like YouTube and Google Maps will never be in future iOS updates. Apps will probably be made available in the App Store but those will be optional add-ons. The data on Apple Maps leaves much to be desired like bodies of water disappearing or an entire town’s location being moved. Some wonderful examples can be seen at www.theamazingios6maps.tumblr.com.

Being an early adopter is always dangerous because of early defects but it seems extra dangerous to be a an Apple early adopter. Every previous iteration was plagued by problems. The new and amazing iPhone 5 already has a number of known defects like wi-fi issues, poor battery life, light leaking out from the case. There are even stranger problems like brand new phones with scuffs and scratches.

Aside from jailbroken devices, every setting, option and app is curated by Apple. Users have no freedom in customizing their devices. Until people stop buying their devices in droves, I don’t think Apple will ever open up their ecosystem. It seems that Apple isn’t interested in doing anything radically different that could alienate users now that they’ve captured the market-lead. Well, except for suing their competition.

Oh, one more thing.

One of the patents that Apple holds is the increase of vertical screen real estate and the addition of another row of icons. As everyone knows, patents must be executed or else the holder loses the patent. In layman terms, that means that all future Apple devices will continue to expand vertically. Get excited for the new and amazing iPhone 10, the 10 inch long device that houses 10 rows of icons.

I’m only kidding on that monstrosity, at least for now.