Three television shows to catch up on over winter break

To help fill those glorious hours of well deserved time off that we call winter break, I have compiled a list of TV shows that will be perfect excuses to stay curled up in your room, eyes glued to your laptop, getting the most out of your time away from campus.

“Battleground” ““ Hulu
Originally developed for FOX, this political comedy was rescued by Hulu to help launch its blossoming brand of original programming. Essentially “The West Wing” meets “The Office,” this intelligent comedy deserved more attention than it got last spring when it was aired on Hulu’s website. Only one season has been currently produced but each of its 13 half-hour episodes are worth your time. Whereas “The Office” has seemed to go stale with its mockumentary shooting style and subsequent comedy, “Battleground” uses the style to its fullest and mines an abundance of fresh humor out of it. Whether you want to see what the major networks are passing, or just have an afternoon to spend watching a quality show none of your friends have seen or heard of, “Battleground” is a safe bet all around.

“Luther” ““ Netflix
Think “Law & Order: SVU” is as gritty and “real” as a modern cop show gets? Think again. Originally airing “across the pond” on the BBC, this psychological crime drama stars Idris Alba, whom many of us might now know from “Prometheus” or maybe the new Mumford and Sons music video, as a dark and somewhat twisted detective of Britain’s “Serious Crimes Unit.” Ironically, because guns are so hard to come by in the UK the “Serious Crimes” the show investigates sink to a level so dark, Ice-T and the rest of the SVU team would probably be scared for their lives to deal with it. Regardless, “Luther” is one of the most intelligent and thought-provoking cop dramas in recent times and makes a great excuse to stay up late over the break and finish in one sitting.

“Community” ““ NBC (Hulu, Netflix)
To many, this gem of a show ended its glorious run last spring with its third season finale and the subsequent firing of the creative genius behind it, Dan Harmon. Arguing whether or not it will be remotely the same show when it comes back in February without him is a discussion for another time, but, with roughly a month to relax and enjoy yourself over this break, there may be no better time to watch this incredible comedy. It would be hard to believe if you haven’t had this show recommended by someone in your life already, but if you haven’t I am doing so. It may start a little slow, but it isn’t quite the best indicator of the incredible modern comedy it becomes. Plus, the show centers on a somewhat crazy small college “community” and it may just be enough to snuff out any feelings you have about missing Trinity. If you haven’t tried this show, I can’t recommend it enough. What else do you have to do? You’re finally on winter break.