TigerTV hosts live variety holiday special

This year, TigerTV’s Holiday Special promises to be a unique blend of regular TigerTV shows, including the Not-So-Late Show, Newswave and Studio 21, as well as a distinctive mix of different cultural holiday practices.

TigerTV Production Manager, senior Erin Curtis, decided that the special should last an hour this year, which is unusual and a bit challenging for TigerTV, although it excites regular Not-So-Late Show host, Chase Bartlett.

“I think there are a lot of great things we do at TigerTV, and the TigerTV Holiday Special is an opportunity to showcase that. It’s also an hour-long live show, which isn’t common and poses an exciting challenge,” Bartlett said.

As production manager for the station, Curtis decided that an hour-long show would be the best way to promote all that TigerTV has to offer while integrating different student groups and members of the Trinity community.

“The special will feature live segments from each of our regular shows, Studio 21, Not-So-Late Show and Newswave, in addition to interviews with Dean Tuttle and the Black Student Union and even performances from Trinity’s Handbell Choir and the Acabellas,” Curtis said.

The TigerTV Holiday Special features a mix of all the regular shows and of segments highlighting influential groups on campus, and it promises to be funny and entertaining, according to Curtis. Bartlett and Don Dimick, the executive producer of the Not-So-Late Show, have helped Curtis conceptualize and synthesize the diverse aspects of the special into a cohesive hour-long segment.

According to station manager and senior Laura Sandling, the special will combine “late night talk show format with a bit of Saturday Night Live.”

“TigerTV is doing a lot of great new things this year and we really want to showcase that with a Holiday Special that shows all of TigerTV’s strengths: music, entertainment, interviews, news, you name it. Also, a little holiday cheer never hurt anyone, especially during finals time,” Sandling said.

Beyond its entertainment value, TigerTV’s Holiday Special works to showcase the diversity that exists both on Trinity’s television station and on campus at large.

“The Holiday Special is an opportunity to promote diversity through TigerTV. We don’t just have Christmas featured on the show “” for example, BSU will talk about Kwanzaa, and we plan to feature other holiday practices as well. The TigerTV Holiday Special is a holiday special that’s inclusive,” Curtis said.

The show will feature students and familiar faces from Trinity’s campus, and it aims to give students the chance to get acquainted with the different entertainment aspects of TigerTV all in one holiday-themed production. Students at TigerTV even wrote a TigerTV holiday song that was produced for and will be debuted on the Holiday Special, and according to Sandling, the show features a few other surprises. Sandling also asserts that watching the TigerTV Holiday Special is a fun and different way of getting into the holiday spirit.

“The Holiday Special is truly unique holiday programming in the fact that students can get into the holiday spirit by watching their friends and classmates have fun and promote their organizations on television,” Sandling said

The live recording occurred 5 p.m., Thursday, Nov. 29, and the next time the show will run on Trinity’s channel 14.1 will be 2:30 p.m., Saturday, Dec. 1. TigerTV’s Holiday Special will also be available for the entire month of December on the station’s website at www.trinity.edu/tigertv