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    Anonymous ProfessorFeb 4, 2013 at 3:12 pm

    After reading this editorial, I thought to myself: “Wow, perhaps Lena Dunham really *is* the voice of her generation.”

    As a professor, I too have encountered situations when it is difficult to park as a result of events on campus. Usually, this only causes problems for me because I failed to pay attention to the messages that the TUPD dutifully send out in advance of most major events. Sure, I complain and grumble, but I also appreciate the fact that these events help to demonstrate that Trinity University is not just an insular, entitled, “city on the hill.”

    As for the claim that students arrive late to class because of these events, all I can say is, “Trinitonian editors puleez….” If you’re planning things so tightly that a (recurring and usually well publicized) parking disruption disrupts your schedule, you need to take another look at your time management. Padding in additional time for real-world things like parking is just part of being a grown-up.

    The editorial is especially maddening in relation to the naturalization ceremonies. I mean think about the pathway that some of these folks have had to travel to make it to this point. Dreams deferred or abandoned. Tyrants evaded. Hardships endured. All for this one moment. One of the most proud moments of their lives. Really, Trinitonian editors, do you think you might be able to give them a break and park somewhere else just this once?

    Anonymous Professor

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Staff Editorial: Parking at Trinity