Suspended Greeks submit reinstatement plans to CCI

The currently sanctioned Greek organizations, the Bengal Lancers, Gamma Chi Delta, SPURS, and Chi Delta Tau turned in their proposals for reinstatement during January. The proposals will be reviewed by Jamie Thompson, director of campus and community involvement; Briana McGlamory, coordinator of fraternity and sorority life and Michael Fischer, vice president of academic affairs.

“Dr. Fischer continues to be the main point of contact and the main representative from the administration,” Thompson said. “Briana and I assist with the process because of our day-to-day work with fraternity and sorority life, but he leads the process.”

According to Thompson, the review committee began accepting proposals on Dec. 31 and received  the reinstatement plans soon after.

“We started accepting proposals on December 31 and all four of the organizations have turned in their reinstatement plans pretty close to that day,” Thompson said.

The reinstatement proposals range in length from 14 to 70 pages.

“We changed a lot of things. We revised the constitution, by-laws, and the rush and orientation process,” said Gabrielle Shayeb, senior and previous  member of Gamma Chi Delta. “We’ve been working on our proposal since the day we were kicked off campus.”

The next step in the reinstatement process is for the review committee to conduct meetings with all of the organizations seeking reinstatement. These meetings are slated to occur in February.

“We haven’t been updated from CCI yet on the proposals,” Shayeb said. “It’s a rough wait, but it should be worth it. We’re hoping it will be great”¦ CCI has been very helpful and we hope to be back on campus soon.”

The review committee gave the organizations a template to guide them through their revisions using the four pillars of fraternity and sorority life: leadership, scholarship, service and comradery.

“The organizations did a nice job of addressing the four pillars in their plans,” Thompson said.

Be on the lookout for the followup article about CCI’s responses to the Lancers’, Delts’, Gammas’ and Spurs’ reinstatment plans.