Trinity offers wide selection of academic fraternities

Social fraternities and sororities are not the only way to get involved with a Greek organization on campus. From premedical honor fraternities to music fraternities, Trinity University is home to a total of 13 academic Greek organizations.

Although they share many similarities, such as allowing men and women to join, and being national, each organization is different when it comes to things like recruitment and mission.

For example, Alpha Kappa Psi is the oldest and largest national business honor fraternity in the country. At Trinity, the potential new members are required to learn the essential knowledge of being a part of a business. In order to join, they must be aware of the line of work the fraternity is associated with, so their abilities and understandings can be strengthened and nurtured.

“We are constantly seeking to bring in new members and make them into better and stronger people,” said Michael Yancey, president of Alpha Kappa Psi. “Alpha Kappa Psi puts more emphasis on professionalism and general business skills that apply to any major.”

While Alpha Kappa Psi asks it members to learn the essential skills related to business, Mu Phi Epsilon asks its members to have a course of study that involves music.

“Mu Phi Epsilon’s focus is on how music unites us and how we can serve our community specifically through music and that our friendships within the fraternity are centered around our musical activities,” said Lauren Falconi, president of Mu Phi Epsilon.

The fraternity sponsors and holds many social events including the well-known Trinity Idol. The rush process specifically targets discovering the musical abilities of the applicants, but the character and academic aptitude of the students are also very important.

“I joined Mu Phi Epsilon because we had a lot in common all being involved in music, which was important commonality,” said junior member Maddy Carr. “Mu Phi Epsilon is a very loving group that rarely has drama and we all get along very well. I do think it helps that we take classes and musical ensembles such as choir together too. We work together well as a team.”

The national service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega only asks that those interested in joining attend information sessions and get to know active members. The fraternity does not deny anybody admission, but each member must maintain the required community service hours.

“Alpha Phi Omega, to me, is much less exclusive in its rush process, and that factor is not necessarily a good thing, but it allows me to feel like I am part of a more of a natural group of friends, who have an interest or interests in common,” said first year member Morgan Gilbert.

A complete list of Trinity’s academic fraternities along with contact information can be found on Trinity’s website.