Dining on a diet: San Antonio meatless and gluten-free cuisine

With barbeque, steaks and Tex-Mex galore, it may seem like a difficult task to find good places to eat that have something suitable on the menu for your dietary requirements.  After all, it would be quite unfortunate to go out to eat only to find they don’t offer any food for your dietary lifestyle, leaving you to starve.  But vegetarians, vegans, pescatarians and those with a gluten-free diet, do not fear!  Despite previous qualms you may have had about healthy eating in San Antonio, there are some great places you can go to dine.  You should rest easy knowing that when you go to one of the following places, you will leave with your stomach pleasantly full.

Green Vegetarian Cuisine
1017 N Flores St., (210) 320-5865
Green is a completely vegetarian and kosher restaurant, offering many vegan options as well.  Their mission is to “serve delicious and affordable vegetarian comfort food to [their] diverse community of customers.” Along with healthy and delicious food, Green has a unique, eclectic atmosphere.  As an added bonus, they have free wifi and convenient plugs to recharge your laptop, so you can work while you dine.

The Cove
606 W. Cypress St., (210) 227-2683
As stated on their website, this restaurant’s passion is “SOL,” which stands for sustainable, organic and local.  Accordingly, the Cove features cuisine made from organic produce, and in addition to award-winning burgers for meat-eaters, they have a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan options.   They even have a vegan “bacon cheeseburger.”  The fish and shrimp tacos are a great for you pescetarians out there, too.  While enjoying the scrumptious fare, you can listen to live music, chill at the beer garden”¦or even do your laundry.  Not only is the Cove a restaurant, after all – they have a laundromat and a car wash (perfect for all you multi-taskers).

Sweet Yams
218 N. Cherry St., (210) 229-9267
This restaurant specializes in healthy, organic Southern food.  Although these adjectives are not often used to describe Southern cuisine, this restaurant truly fits the descriptors.  They offer a variety of gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options.  Just a few of these dishes include their “World’s Best Mini Sweet Potato Pie” (vegetarian), “D-Geezy’s Mac N Cheesy” (with gluten-free pasta), and the “Lil’ Shrimp Boy” (perfect for pescatarians and on a gluten-free baguette).  They also offer options with poultry in case the person you are dining with is a meat-eater.  On top of all this, they do takeout and delivery.

The Little Aussie Bakery & Café
3610 Avenue B, (210) 826-7877
This café and bakery is a paradise for those that are on a gluten-free diet. They opened in 2006 as a “dedicated gluten-free test kitchen” and have made it their mission to create delicious food that meets the dietary needs of the gluten-intolerant.  Additionally, much of their food is vegan-friendly.  Their breads are all vegan and free of gluten, preservatives, dairy, soy, corn and eggs.  Dairy-free and vegan options are available for other items, such as pizzas and dessert pies, as well.

King’s Court Frankfurter Express
111 King’s Court, (210) 737-7774
This little spot makes a large variety of specialty hot dogs.  Although many of them contain meat, they offer eight varieties of meatless dogs, several of which are even vegan”¦and all for under $5!  Each dog has a variety of different toppings to your taste “” from guacamole to melted cheese to veggie chili.

Sushi Zushi
999 E. Basse Rd., (210) 826-8500 and 203 S. Mary’s St., (210) 472-2900
Sushi Zushi has cuisine for everyone “” pescatarians, vegetarians, vegans and gluten-intolerant alike.  They have “specialty menus” that contain only gluten-free items, low-calorie selections or vegan food.  You can click on the option and view a separate menu for each to see which items might suit your fancy.