Faceoff: ASR Presidential Candidates


My name is Justin Adler. I am Junior accounting major with a minor in sport management. I was born in Queens, New York but mostly grew up in a small town in New Jersey (and no, New Jersey is not like the way they made it seem on MTV’s “Jersey Shore”). I went to high school in Florida, and now I have come to the great state of Texas.

I have had an unique experience thus far in my life. Living in four very different states has allowed me to meet people that come from all different walks of life. This has taught me how important it is to be involved with as many different groups or activities that you can. Trinity happens to be one of the most diverse Universities in the nation even though it is relatively small, which leads me to my next point.

Coming to Trinity has been a blessing, I have had some amazing opportunities here that I would not have had anywhere else and now I want to give back to the Trinity community.

I know that a lot of student issues have been discussed and future promises have been made thus far during the campaign process. The one promise I can make that I know from the bottom of my heart that I can make happen for all of you is that; I will fight for everyone of you and I will not stop until all your concerns have been voiced and I know that I have done everything I can.

Being President of the Student Body means a lot to me, I want it to mean a lot to all of you as well. If I am elected President we can make Trinity a better and more enjoyable place for the entire student body. I hope that you all will come out and vote next week. Finally, remember that Victoria’s real secret is that she voted for Justin Adler.


Hello, my name is Megan Smith, and I am thrilled to serve you as your next ASR President. As was revealed in the ASR Presidential Debate featured on Tiger TV Wednesday (thank you again, Tiger TV crew, for putting all of that together), both my opponent and I have very similar platforms, which you can check out in the Elections Guide featured in the Trinitonian. While our platforms are quite similar, there are several things, very critical things, that separate the two of us.

Firstly, I have met with, in person, the majority of student leaders of different organizations and their respective organizations’ memberships, no matter how small, during the campaign period and have been in contact with those leaders and memberships with whom I have not been able to meet in person in order to, one, share my platform, and, two, receive your input on what you want to see changed at Trinity. I have taken the time to meet with all of you because I truly care about your opinions, because I, as your ASR President, will have a duty to utilize your input and to represent you as best I can.

Secondly, I have great leadership skills and am quite savvy at managing large organizations. As the proud President of Alpha Phi Omega (APO), the club with the largest membership on campus, and after serving as a Vice President of the organization for two semesters prior to this one, I guarantee you that, after honing the fine arts of multitasking, management, and interpersonal communication, I am more than prepared to step into the position of ASR President. I assure you that all of the operations within ASR will run very smoothly.

Thirdly, my dedication to ASR for this past term has been top notch. From serving as one of the four Chairs of the standing committees of Student Activity Fee (SAF) Allocations, Oversight and Rules, Academic Affairs, and Student Life, chaired by Vice President Sean Solis, Senator Evan Lewis, Senator Lucretia Kucinski-Durant, and I, respectively; to representing ASR at First Year Senator Elections and at campus events; to taking on student issues, such as ARAMARK hours of operation and increasing visibility in parking lots around campus, truly, I have involved myself in as many different aspects of ASR as possible.

I have had serving you as your ASR President in mind since I stepped onto ASR last year; I did not decide to do this on a whim. With the combined knowledge of what I stand for and what I have outlined here, I hope that you will give me your vote and your support. I promise you, Trinity, that I will give my presidency, the Association of Student Representatives, and everything else entailed, all that I possess. Thank you.