Letter to the Editor: Miracle’s APO piece misleads, oversteps bounds

Dear Editor,

I am writing to you about Abby Miracle’s article in the Trinitonian on Feb 22. This is not an accusatory or aggressive writing, but simply some clarifications that you may want to consider before allowing a  writer to voice such unsubstantiated claims.

In the article, it is stated that allegations against Megan Smith/Allie Trigoso had been “proven false.” This is not so. While the administration and other authorities may have beaten around the bush and stated that there was no reason (yet) to suspend Smith/Trigoso in order to attempt to handle the issue with delicacy. However, being that there was a known mediation by administration with Smith/Trigoso/Stepchinski (an unsuccessful one at that), it must be assumed that there WAS an issue, not that nothing is wrong. The administration and APO higher-ups have stated that there was no reason to immediately suspend APO activity or our officers, but that is not sufficient commentary for such strong language as “proven.”

Miracle has overstepped her sources, and has not only made claims of Smith’s assured innocence that are unfounded, but has then followed up on this assumption by turning all of these issues into a degrading and scathing commentary on the behavior of those trying to speak against Smith.

I agree that the organization has made a bit too much “drama” over this issue, but Miracle is incorrect in her assumptions, unsubstantiated in her sources, and in ignorance of evidence.

This issue is far from a simple “sixth grade dance” melodrama, and many members of the Trinity community are upset by Miracle’s brash and overly-simplified and rude presentation of an already sensitive situation. This issue is not about APO, nor is it even simply about personal issues between Megan Smith and other members; it is much larger and needs to be treated with tact and tentative commentary, not foolish mockery.

Cody Miller is a senior and former member of Alpha Phi Omega.