The craziest advertisement on television


The OId Spice guy.

The OId Spice guy.
The OId Spice guy.

Academics, philosophers and thinkers have strong opinions on the effects of advertisements on modern society. Images and sounds selling a product or an idea inundate and scream at our eyes and ears every second at every turn, and young, impressionable minds are unsafe from the glitz, glamour and pressure of advertisements. The impact and control of advertisements on our lives are impossible to determine due to how ubiquitous and ingrained they are in our daily lives. It’s a terrifying thought.

Raging against the machine is useless in our corpocratic world, so the only choice remaining is to jump into the loving embrace of our overlords. For those unlucky individuals who aren’t bombarded by “” I mean, exposed to “” television ads due to a lack of time or a TV (somewhat important for watching TV) then this is for you. Here are the funniest advertisements/brainwashing currently happening.

Old Spice’s ad department must be extremely peculiar and even more extremely crazy. In the last few years, Old Spice has consistently had the strangest yet most widely spread ad campaigns. Their latest videos on YouTube are mind-numbing yet strangely engrossing. The new Old Spice Bar Soap commercials feature the typical handsome and shirtless man, but with the addition of a narrator who sings insightful commentaries about the video, like how the shower that is following this doctor is probably going to destroy the man he’s operating on.

DirecTV does not embody logic with their pricing or their advertisements. The convoluted reasoning and cause and effect displayed in their TV ads are preposterous but, at the same time, why would anybody tempt fate? When you don’t read the Trinitonian, you end up missing out on the next best movie. When you miss out on watching the next best movie, your girlfriend dumps you. When your girlfriend dumps you, you end up getting too drunk. When you end up getting too drunk, you end up pushing a passing TUPD officer off his bike. Don’t end up pushing a passing TUPD officer off his bike. Read the Trinitonian.

Grandpas are awesome, especially the ones that can get away with saying anything because of their age and supposed wisdom. The new Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh ads feature a grandpa that speaks his mind, without using any filter. In one scene, his grandson asks him when he knew that his wife was “the one.” He answers, “When her sister dumped me.” Suffice to say, this grandpa would make every party so much better.

Kids have always been a source of humor and smiles because of how innocent, naivà« and curious they are about everything. The kids in the current TV ads for AT&T aren’t exactly stupid, but they toe the line very closely “” and it’s really funny. The “It’s Not Complicated” videos stars a man in a suit surrounded by eager kids. He asks them a simple question and their answers are amazing. For example, “If you were a fast player, what would your nickname be?” “Nicky Flash.” “Why?” “Because it rhymes with “˜flash.'” Then silence. Another example, a reason for why more is better than less: “More is better than less because if there’s more less stuff and you want some more but your parents won’t let you because there’s less.” True that, little kid, true that.