Letters to the Editor: April 26, 2013

Details hardly justifiable

Letter to the Editor:

I’m writing on your recent article regarding one of my friends and his involvement in illegal activities.  I find it hardly justifiable putting the student’s name in the paper for the whole school community to see.  It is troubling because nothing yet based on your article seems to imply that any repercussions have come about as a result of the investigation, yet now every student on campus that happened to pick up a copy of the Trinitonian today knows that one of our fellow classmates has been caught with marijuana and other paraphenalia in his room.  This lapse in judgement was not made when the greek organizations were suspended last year for infractions during pledging, yet it seems to me that the Trinitonian is perfectly fine with putting a student’s name in print when they’ve been involved with a serious matter, rather than letting the student involved take care of this situation with the proper authorities.

Not to mention, the article lumps this same person in with lowlife criminals because of his actions, even though anyone who meets the kid knows he is a genuinely nice person.   Thanks to this careless oversight this student’s reputation on campus could change for the worse and never be the same.

Having seen other police reports on marijuana and alcohol violations in the paper in the past where names have not been dropped, it leads me to question why in this case a name had to be divulged?  I’m all for the students knowing what is going on with campus but at the same time I wouldn’t want people, not to mention complete strangers knowing the SAPD came into my room with the K-9 unit, looking for drugs.  It’s no one’s business except mine, the police, and those individuals with whom I wish to share such information.

Also, having seen that the person involved could not be reached for comment, it seems the Trinitonian has taken certain liberties, that seem to be a far overstepping of bounds.  All in all, this was less than a satisfactory job of reporting, if only because you took it upon yourselves to drag a kid’s name through the mud and ruin a reputation, when this has not been the case in the past.

Clayton Freimuth is a sophomore Geosciences major.

Stanley speaks out

Dear Editor,

In regard to last week’s article, “San Antonio and Trinity police find drugs in McLean,” I just want it known that nothing was found besides small paraphernalia in my room. As for the smoke detector situation, there have been multiple rooms including mine, where the detectors have gone off for no apparent reason and were needed to be replaced. On one night, the detectors in all of McLean Hall went off, which I was sleeping during the time and was awaken by them going off. This proceeded to continue for the next hour that night. To address the smell in the hall, you can walk up and down that hall and smell marijuana from other rooms, not just mine along with other upperclass hallways.

I would just like to concluded that with everything happening right now in my life, with this situation and other outside events going on, I can compare how I feel to a dog being backed down into a corner, he can’t run, all he can do is fight back. And right now that’s all I’m trying to do, is fight for my name and image. There’s only three things that I’m promised with in life, that is: family, The Lord, and death. And I’m not ready to lay down and die yet. With My family and The Lord by my side I know that one day I will soon prosper. This just ignites a flame to my fire and one day I will come back stronger than ever, as a student, an athlete, and as a person. This is NOT the last time you will be hearing from me.


Scott Stanley

Scott Stanley is a junior.