Alessandra Madrid – ¡Gracias Trinity!

I cannot believe that this is the last Trinitonian I will most likely ever read. I cannot believe these are my last days on Trinity’s campus and in San Antonio. It doesn’t seem like that long ago that I first got on a plane from Guatemala to San Antonio. I still vividly remember moving into Winn 215 and going through NSO along with all the people with whom I’ve since grown up with these past four years. Some friendships during my time at Trinity were fleeting; others continue to surpass time and geography. All in all, through ups and downs, I can say that I have had the time of my life here at Trinity University, and for that I would like to give thanks to the people, the places and the memories.

First and foremost, thank you to my parents for allowing me every opportunity in life; without them I would not be graduating from this great school that I now call my alma mater. Thank you to my brother, three years younger than me and he continues to inspire me every day to be a better person. Thank you to Eric Maloof; I still remember calling his office in disbelief that I had received an offer from Trinity that I could not possibly decline. Thank you to my advisor, Dr. Burr, and my unofficial advisor Dr. Mario Gonzalez-Fuentes; you showed me how to truly believe in myself. Thank you to my professors; from day one of HUMA to the night I turned in my Business Policy final, they have made me the knowledgeable graduate that I am today. Although I will soon forget the details of Plato’s Symposium or the gazillion steps of the Rappaport and Spin-Off Strategy, those late nights of studying and utter stress showed me that hard work, determination and lots of caffeine pay off.

Thank you to the bartenders at Bay’s, Panchito’s, 5050, Howl at the Moon, Longbar, Maroc, etc. “” you always gave me something to look forward to every night, and plenty to regret the following morning. Thank you to those who broke my heart; without you I would have missed out on many awkward encounters, I would not have enjoyed as many Nicholas Sparks movie nights with my girlfriends and I would probably be one of those people who hate Taylor Swift.

Thank you to my friends, the ones who already graduated and my fellow 2013 graduates; you became my family. Some only touched my life for a brief period of time, the rest are still a part of it and I am certain that we will continue to see each other during the years to come. Thank you for the awkward introductions, for the help in class, for the “study” sessions we pretended to have, for the crazy San Antonio nights, for the spontaneous trips to Austin and for being who you are. Thank you, Trinity, thank you for everything.

Alessandra Madrid is graduating with a degree in business administration.