Catherine Lepie – Top five unknown things to do on campus

At Trinity, we are all familiar with the quirky traditions that happen here. We have all arrived at the chapel hours early to save a seat for Vespers, brought to-go containers to the Chocolate Festival, and wrestled a hallmate to throw into Miller Fountain on their birthday. And that’s what’s great about Trinity, there are so many fun and exciting events for us to attend and enjoy as a community and come back and recollect on as alumni.

But there are some unspoken things to do around campus that I think everyone should try at least once. They show some of the more interesting and unique aspects of Trinity. These places are underutilized and should be known by all! This list just has my top five unknown things to do here on campus, but there is so much more to do. Go out and explore! If you get lost (which is highly unlikely) you can call the TUPD escort service, another wonderful aspect of Trinity. And remember, YOICO “” you’re only in college once… Hopefully.

1) Study in the Special Collections Room in the library

The room looks like the study of an English lord, which automatically makes you feel about 10 times smarter and allows you to talk in a British accent “” the combination is super sexy. They have the most comfortable plush chairs and couches. It’s open only during the day so it’s a great place to escape and get some work done between classes. You can also access the Trinity archives and look at old yearbooks and other trinkets from Trinity back in the day. Only downside, you can’t use pens in there… But who uses pens anymore?

2) Have dinner at sunset in the Lightner Tea Room

The Lightner Tea room has the most beautiful view of San Antonio at sunset. It is a perfect place to have a romantic, candlelit dinner… or just a casual meal with friends. There is a kitchen up there so you can make your own food and not have to venture down to Gourmabee. Don’t forget your TigerCard because you need to swipe it in the elevator to get to the sixth floor!

3) Run the trails by the library on Hildebrand

I don’t know what you guys look like when you run, but I look like roadkill. So running in these hidden and tree-lined paths is not only visually stimulating but also protects you from being seen at your sweatiest. It’s also free and you get to go through an intriguing maze of construction equipment.

4) Swing on the swing outside of Witt and Isabel

Who doesn’t like to swing?! So much good people-watching and conversations to be had at these swings.

5) Read by the fountain behind Murch

It’s like the secret garden, hidden and enchanting. You can read or study with the relaxing sound of water trickling in the background and the warm company of the Trinity cats.

Catherine Lepie is graduating with a degree in English.