Clare Watkins – Thanks for the friends and love, Trinity

While reflecting on my time at Trinity, I rest at the Miller Fountain. This seems most appropriate, as it has become my favorite place on campus. I hear the bell tower ringing, a skateboard going over cracks in the sidewalk, and voices engaged in friendly conversation. I love it here. These lawn chairs are a perfect addition to an area of campus that was once neglected by students. Suddenly, the fountain has become a place of community and solace.

Community is what I appreciate most about Trinity. Every student has his or her place on this campus. When asked why I chose Trinity, I am often at a loss because I stepped on this campus as a senior in high school and just knew that it was the place for me. I knew I would form some of my happiest memories here, and I did. I found my place in Sigmas. I respect and appreciate every girl who has played a part in this club, and I am so grateful to have been a part of it in my four years at Trinity. Sigmas have held me up at my worst, and laughed with me at my best. The friendships I have formed are insurmountable, and I have only Trinity to thank for that.

Mary Kate, thank you for traveling through the last 12 years with me. I love what our friendship has become. Christine, little tiny baby, I wanted you since before I knew you (literally”¦) and I am so proud you are my little. Gracie, I loved the time we lived together. You are such an amazing support system. Lil’ Gabs, I love our snark and our shared love for Fiesta. And Larissa, you mean the world to me. No distance will stop this friendship. Sneaky seals 4 lyfe. PC ’10, would love to shout out everyone”¦but that’s what toasts are for, right? We’ve been through a lot, and I love you all.

Thank you parents, thank you professors, thank you friends, and thank you Trinity.

Clare Watkins is graduating with a degree in pyschology and minors in human communication and religion. She was a member of Sigma Theta Tau and RUF while at Trinity.