Grace Sewell – Proud to have found a home in Trinity

It seems like just yesterday I was walking onto campus for the first time as a sophomore transfer student, nervous about having to start a new college experience but excited about the three years ahead of me. I remember looking into on-campus activities before I even applied, hoping to find something that would suit me. I was interested in tons of clubs but also a bit overwhelmed because there were so many. I was also intrigued by the uniqueness of Greek life at Trinity, but pretty sure I didn’t belong in a sorority.

I ended up rooming with a fellow transfer student and suited with another. The first few fun-filled days of orientation got me excited about what was to come. I felt as though I was right where I should be. I quickly settled into classes and work at the Residential Life office, my favorite on-campus job, and was very content with where I was. However, I quickly discovered that Trinity is NOT easy and courses like Elementary Review of Spanish meant you were basically required to be fluent in the language. Along with work, rush and attending all the exciting clubs I decided to join, I felt like there was no time to study. I decided to cut back on the clubs and really devote my time to classes; turns out that doesn’t always help either.

However, I quickly learned my strengths and weaknesses in regards to course subjects and vowed to never take another science course again. Apparently Biological Impacts and Issues is more biology than anything else, which wasn’t working for me. However, I did meet the lovely Courtney Bosquez who quickly sparked my love for Sigmas: my forever sisters.

After pledging in the spring, I sent in all my application materials to study abroad and headed off to Spain the fall of junior year. Apparently there was something in the air in Spain because upon return to Trinity I had a bad case of the “lo siento no siento” bug. I was ready to graduate and was only halfway through junior year. However, now that I’ve reached the final stretch of senior year I’m starting to have mixed feelings about actually completing my undergrad.

I am not ready for all my senior friends to leave me, but excited for those staying in San Antonio. I’m sad that this is the last week I will wear my Sigma jersey, but can’t wait to see the beautiful Megan Buford wear it next year. I’m bummed that my days will no longer consist of waking up late to go to a 12:30 class and finishing my day at 2:20 but excited about taking part in the Trinity M.A.T Class of 2014 where I will get to work with amazing children every day. I know this is not the end, merely a new beginning. College has allowed me to grow and thrive every day and I am blessed to have Trinity University as my alma mater.

Grace Sewell is graduating with a degree in sociology and a minor in Spanish and is a member of Sigma Theta Tau, RUF and YoungLife. She will be returning to Trinity in July to pursue a Masters of Arts in teaching.