James Jarrott – Exit the king

As I write this article, I am faced with the strong possibility of losing out on this Trinity-wide popularity contest to a canine who stayed here for a year and peaced out on us. I, who have been here for four years, am baffled as to how this is a possibility. But then I remembered, “Oh yeah”¦Jurgens is a dog who was nice to everyone, and I’m a sasshole.” So for those of you who voted for me “” thank you. For those of you who didn’t (including some dear friends of mine) I would like you to look up the Kristin Wiig Cinderella GIF”¦I’ve made my point.

This article isn’t about how popular I am, because “” honestly “” that doesn’t really matter. Whoa. I know. You’re probably choking on whatever you just had in your mouth, but I am completely serious. This egotistical, celeb-status-hungry, loud-mouthed, non-filtered, highly competitive individual has just admitted to not caring about popularity (it is okay to doubt this statement, because even I am doubting it as I write). Anyway, we all came to this small liberal arts college for a reason, and though that asshole Ben Conway may disagree with me on this, we are the vast array of “diversity” found here at Trinity University. At the surface level, we appear to be about 90 percent white (I am sure the real statistic is somewhere online), but beneath the surface, each of us makes up an intricate system of differences. It isn’t the cutting-edge classes or palace-like dorms that make our education and experience here one-of-a-kind, but it is the individuals that make up this university as well as the “system of differences” that make us one of the most sought-after education havens in the nation (#biggeneralization#bighairdon’tcare).  That’s what makes Trinity the Trinity of the south.

I will look back on these four years here at Trinity fondly. My achievements have been wide-ranging: from being a part of seven beautiful Mainstage productions to creating and directing two musicals; from taking thought-provoking classes to being part of the Trinitones and the First Time Offenders; from finding the most unique and exciting friends to being a part of the Residential Life Staff for three years;  from getting Roasted by my peers to running my first half-marathon; from becoming an AX to making Lisa Ashby wet herself multiple times; from amazing memories that will never be recreated and so much more. But it is not about the quantity or even the quality of what I have achieved, but about whom I have done this with and for. Without my family, friends, professors and fellow arts collaborators I would not have been met with as much success and happiness as I have the past four years here at Trinity. So thank you Trinity for everything and everyone you have given me. I will miss you. Oh, and it is J-A-R-R-O-T-T.