Larissa Lozano – Trinity taught me love

Trinity University has given me one of the most precious gifts I could ever ask for “” it has shown me what love is.

I have learned to love seeking knowledge. Although the hours spent pouring over my books and notes have, at times, felt almost painful when all I wanted was sleep, I have grown to appreciate and sometimes even enjoy investing myself in something that is the product of hard work and determination. I look forward (most of the time) to class and engaging in the mini-community that is established for a common purpose. Even the seemingly impossible classes “” Psych Stats “” have taught me that I can conquer obstacles. Trinity has taught me to appreciate freedom of speech and the ability that people have to express their thoughts and opinions, regardless of whether I agree or not.

Trinity has helped me cultivate my love of travel and other cultures. CIEE Sevilla was the most incredible experience of my life thus far. I allowed myself to make mistakes speaking Spanish, and to enjoy each day as a unique and special gift. I fell in love with the breathtaking country of Spain and my host-mother Maria. My support system abroad was an amazing hodgepodge of Americans including my wonderful boyfriend Mike. Once I came back from my semester abroad, Trinity gave me the chance to return to Spain and intern at an immigration center in Madrid. Later that summer through a grant funded by Trinity, I worked at a non-profit immigration center states-side. All these opportunities led me to affirm that I wanted to dedicate my life and further my love for helping others by pursuing a career in immigration law.

Above all, the greatest love Trinity has given me has been found through relationships. Thank you, Dr. Yoder, for always listening and encouraging me to follow my heart and passions. Dr. Ruiz, you are a true gift to Trinity and make people want to work hard because of the passion and love you put into your work. Dr. Madrid, I cannot thank you enough for all the opportunities you have provided me, and for always motivating me to reach further. Analisa, you are one of the hardest-working people I know. Thank you for being the most constant source of encouragement I have had at Trinity.

And of course, I have been blessed with Sigma Theta Tau. I can think of no more special gift that has been part of my experience than you girls. PC “˜13, you have been the highlight of my senior year “” each of you is so full of joy and love. You all have reminded me that each day holds something new and exciting “” I am so proud of you.

To my family, Adrienne, Clare, Claire, Carol, Jamie and Vanessa, thank you for the countless laughs and for listening when it seemed no one else would. Our family means the world to me. Haley, you are so beautiful and strong ““ I will forever admire your poise and intelligence. PC “˜10, I love you all forever. Gabz, thanks for the countless adventures and strong friendship”“ it means more to me than you will ever know. Clarey, you are sunshine to me and have one of the kindest hearts of anyone I have known.

As I walk across that stage, I think that the little 18-year-old girl from Albuquerque who stepped on Trinity’s campus four years ago would hardly recognize the one who is graduating. Trinity, you have taught me to love knowledge, new experiences, others and myself. Thank you, Trinity, I love you so.

Larissa Lozano is graduating with a degree in psychology and Spanish.