Lucy Cevallos and Savannah Allan – Seniors: share the wealth

Attention seniors! We, Lucy Cevallos and Savannah Allan, come to you as classmates, friends (hopefully), and the Senior Gift Committee co-chairs for the Class of 2013. It is so surreal that we will be graduating in only a few short weeks, right? During this time (and let’s be honest, this whole year), it might be easy to get caught up in your own interests and concerns, and only think about YOU. Fine. Warranted. We deserve the attention, yes. However, as we all become nostalgic and reflect on the past four years here at Trinity, we want to take a moment to explain the importance of giving back to this community that has given us all so much. We are empowered as seniors to make a huge difference at Trinity by contributing to the Senior Gift Scholarship Fund.

What is a Senior Gift? Well, if you’re still in the dark about what exactly the “SG” entails, allow us to explain. This is essentially our Senior Class fundraiser that will provide a  scholarship for an incoming first year student. In order to make this fundraiser a success, we need your help and your monetary contributions.

You might be thinking, “give back more to Trinity? Really, ladies? This place has already taken enough of my money, time and sanity… Why would I give even more?”

Okay, okay, don’t attack us… we aren’t asking for much. This might sound crazy but this is actually the time in our Trinity experience that we should be giving back most. About 51 percent of our senior class has not made any type of donation, so this is where we come in.

We are sure you have yet to make a donation because of one of these three reasons:

A)   You are not yet convinced that it is a good idea.

B)   You are “going to get to it later.”

C)   You currently don’t have the funds to do so.

That being said, we will try to convince you otherwise. Here are the TOP 5 REASONS TO MAKE YOUR DONATION:


All of the proceeds go towards a scholarship for an incoming first year. You aren’t just “giving money to Trinity.” You are giving someone else the chance to get that same Trinity experience they may otherwise not have the opportunity to receive.


Keep in mind, #1 is the most important reason. However, if you make the $20.13 donation you also get to sign a brick at the top of the Trinity tower during the Tower Climb, making your everlasting mark on Trinity!


The highest Senior Class participation for this scholarship to date is 67 percent. We currently need around 150 more seniors to make a donation towards a Senior Gift in order to top that. We already know we’re personally the best, but let’s make it known to everyone else, too.


Designed by yours truly, a one-of-a-kind Class of 2013 koozie will become yours after you make a contribution of $5 or more. There is also the possibility of winning some excellent gift cards and other prizes up until graduation for those who have made their gift. Even more awesome, your donation is tax-deductible! Although these are obviously the least important reasons, they are still pretty good incentives.


Okay, don’t be “that guy” and donate less than a dollar. But please be that guy/girl that does make some sort of donation for a Senior Gift. Anything really does help, and we appreciate your contribution!

Okay, now that we’ve enlightened you to all to the wonders of Senior Gift, it is your turn to take action! Please, if you have yet to make your gift, get out there and set the standard by contributing. Encourage your friends that haven’t donated to do so also. Instead of splurging on that late-night Taco C, use those funds to do something memorable. Join this movement and support your Class of 2013’s Senior Gift Scholarship Fund!

You can make your donation online at and at all the upcoming Senior Week events.

Lucy Cevallos is graduating with a degree in biology. Savannah Allan is graduating with a degree in business administration.