Get a headstart with these obscure trinitips

The New Student Orientation issue of the Trinitonian contains loads of tips, advice and information for first-year students. Starting college comes with a multitude of changes that students must adjust to. Knowing how to be successful academically and socially is important, but there are some obscure bits of knowledge (gained from years of being at Trinity University) that help make living here a bit easier or more exciting.

The first-year dorms can sometimes feel like a bubble within the bigger bubble of school.  It is easy to never visit dormitories on the other side of the school, but there are plenty of reasons to do so. For example, there is a pool table and a foosball table in the Prassel Atrium, and a couple of pool tables in the North/South foyer. Unfortunately, there are times when the cue sticks are all broken, but fighting with those can be a whole different type of fun.

Most students have to carry around books, electronics and supplies. Having to journey to lower campus and upper campus multiple times a day can get very tedious (and sweaty) very quickly. The library offers lockers to be checked out by students for an entire semester. The lockers offer a convenient spot to stash most students’ things. (Contraband is not allowed; we’ve tried.)

Lightner has a secret upper floor that is only accessible through the elevator and with a valid student ID. The Tea Room, as it is called, is a lounge with TVs, couches, tables and chairs. It is a great location for all sorts of gatherings. There is even a kitchen and bathroom. McLean and Prassel each feature an outdoor roof element with chairs and a nice view of the city and school– perfect for romantic nights with a lover, as well as lonely times to cry and think.

Prassel has a breakfast bar in the Atrium that is open for a few hours in the morning and at night. The menu consists of breakfast tacos, cereal, muffins and, most importantly, chocolate chip waffles that must contain some sort of addictive ingredient.

Also, you will soon discover that Taco Cabana (or what many Trinity students affectionately refer to as Taco C) will become an important staple of your diet since the food is delicious and it is open 24-hours. If you show your Tigercard, they will take 20% off and therefore, save literally hundreds of dollars during your college career.

Computer labs around school are usually full with people studying or people pretending to study. The second floor of Coates has a computer lab in a secluded corner that, for some reason or another, is usually devoid of people. There are some rooms near it that no one goes to that are perfect for studying in a group.

The Center for Learning and Technology (CLT) is located on the bottom floor of the library. There is very little traffic there because of how out-of-the-way it is, but there are a few hidden gems there. Some really high-end Mac Pro workstations are available for any student who needs an amazing computer or a really big screen to watch Netflix on. Arguably, the coolest part of CLT is the new 3D printer that they received. The 3D printer is capable of making physical objects like a cup, a phone case or a “Doctor Who” T.A.R.D.I.S. It might be possible to get something printed for personal use with TigerBucks and begging.