Slow down and enjoy

Welcome to Trinity University, you saucy first years.

At some point, every one of us has been in your shoes.  You were top dog at your previous institutions, and now you are starting over. Trinity is definitely not the largest college around, but coming to a new campus is still intimidating and there are definitely a few bits of information that you need to know to ensure your academic and social success.  I am here to get you started along that journey.

Your professors care deeply about your learning. If you have any questions they would love to help you during their office hours.  Face-to-face contact shows the professor that you are investing in your education.

Making friends is easy.College kids are like bears; if you feed them, they will come back. If you want them to leave, just spray them with mace.

Dean Tuttle’s blog is full of great information. It is well known that the Queen of England refers to his blog for inspiration.

Your high school letterman jackets make you look like an assclown.

This is a difficult but amazing institution; your high school study habits are most likely not going to result in the same grades they used to. It is better to over-study for your first tests and then adjust accordingly for round two.

Barricade yourself in your closet on your birthday like zombies are trying to eat you. Trust me”¦ just do it.

Parties: If you choose to drink at a party, plan ahead and find a designated driver or DD, not a designated drunk driver, DDD.

College is a great time to experiment and discover who you are. I challenge you to take smart risks and open your mind to new ways of thinking.

Tigerbucks are real US dollars. Spend them wisely, this is not Monopoly.

If you find yourself doing nothing on a Saturday night, go to the Skyline Room with a friend, a date or a cat.

When I was entering my first year at Trinity, my father told me to slow down and enjoy the little aspects of college life. He told me to enjoy the freedom, the dorm life, campus food and even a failed quiz. He told me to focus on every detail and cherish them. I encourage you to appreciate these moments in your life and try to slow time down. Your stint here at Trinity is short. These four years (five for me), will provide you with stories, laughter, tears and friends for the rest of your life. Stay as long as you can, and never leave.

Harrison Graham is a senior engineering science major.