Students gather at ASR Meet and Greet

Over 300 Trinity students attended the meet and greet hosted by the Association of Student Representatives yesterday evening at Big Bob’s Burgers.

ASR held the event in an effort to extend their campus visibility.

President Justin Adler and other members of ASR spent the evening walking around and talking to attendees in hopes of answering any potential questions students might have had.

Adler hopes that last night’s event will make students more comfortable taking their concerns to senators on campus.

“We wanted to get the word out about ASR,” Adler said. “If people see me walking around campus, I want students to be comfortable approaching me or any of the senators.”

The event was  advertised on Facebook, in the LeeRoy daily bulletin and, most recently, in an email Adler sent to the student body yesterday morning.

Senior Hillary King heard about the event from Adler’s email.

“I saw Justin’s email and was interested in the free food,” King said.

ASR’s success even exceeded its own expectations.

“I wasn’t expecting such a big turnout. We’re really happy with it,” said sophomore senator Mikaela McDonald.

Adler credited much of the event’s popularity to successful advertising, but also thought that the efforts made by ASR’s special events coordinator, Nefi Rodriguez, added to the dinner’s massive turnout.

Rodriguez contacted Big Bob’s to set up the dinner, and also struck the deal that gave all student attendants a free burger, order of fries and drink.  Rodriguez and Big Bob’s have already started talking about the possibility of Big Bob’s providing food at Trinity tailgate events.

As for the future of student government functions, Adler and the rest of ASR plan to host similar events throughout the semester.