Light + Technology

In an effort to revitalize derelict buildings in the downtown area, Public Art San Antonio will continue the collection of art exhibits called X Marks the Spot in October. A few of the exhibits, created by local artists under the theme of “Light + Technology” will be opening early this month on Commerce and Houston Street.

The four exhibits being unveiled on Commerce and Houston this month were all created by local artists and are titled “Technomercado”, “The Interactive Art Exhibit for Light Admirers”, “Above the Horizon” and Below” and “Love Letters to San Antonio.” They will be shown at 175 East Houston, 311 and 313 East Houston, 315 East Commerce and 140 East Houston, respectively. The pieces explore common references in busy city life such as social media and sound. The pieces will be available for viewing for varying amounts of time, ranging from one to six months, based on location and how long the space is available.  The pieces are displayed in storefronts downtown, and seek to inspire people to reconsider how vacant space can be re-created to attract more people to the downtown area.

A precursor to the program was run in 2011 to test how effective it might be in the future. Councilman Diego Bernal, whose desire to revitalize downtown inspired the project, encouraged and aided its beginnings to where it has grown today. The project has drawn the attention of business owners and consumers alike,, and has inspired businesses surrounding the art to take part in the exhibits by cleaning up their storefronts and sometimes contributing art. The exhibits also create a brighter and more welcoming environment for visitors and San Antonio residents to explore.

The collection is set to continue to expand as more spaces become available. They hope to eventually include larger outdoor exhibits in addition to the current storefront and facade installations.