New club roars to life on Trinity’s campus

Everyone has something from their childhood that  they are nostalgic about. For some, it might be mood rings and slap bracelets, while for others, it might include scrunchies, frosted tips or Lip Smackers. For junior Ryan Anders, it is dinosaurs, and to indulge that nostalgia, Anders recently started the Dinosaur Club here on the Trinity campus.

“I just really like dinosaurs. They were a big part of my growing up, and I think everyone else should like them as much as me. I wanted to share it with the rest of Trinity. There is something about large creatures that is powerful and really neat,” Anders said. “I got into the Trinity website to look up how to start an organization, I followed those instructions, and here we are. The club started last semester, and  it became official in the middle of summer.”

The main purpose of the club? To hang out and have dinosaur-themed fun.

“The way I see it is Dinosaur Club is a club where we can relax and have fun,” said treasurer Estefan Rodriguez, a junior. “Other clubs I’ve seen have weekly meetings you have to attend, but with Dinosaur Club you have fun events that you go to if you want to or not. Students should join because it’s a great way to get to know people that have a love for dinosaurs, and it’s a great way to get a break from school. We never do anything really serious; it’s just for fun.”

The Dinosaur Club hosts their first event, the viewing of “The Land Before Time,” on Wednesday, Oct. 9, in Northrup 040. This will hopefully be the first of many dinosaur-related events, including the viewing of “Jurassic Park” and any other films that contain large reptiles, as well as the consumption of dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets and other foods. Additionally, the club has further plans to take their fascination with dinosaurs off campus.

“We’ll probably end up going to the Witte Museum because they have a dinosaur skeleton that’s always there,” Anders said.

“There are some places outside of town that have dinosaur prints and we might go to some other museums. We’re also thinking of getting some guest speakers, maybe out of the biology department. I think it might be kind of neat,” Anders said.

In addition to visiting cool exhibits and eating copious amounts of dinosaur-shaped food, the club plans to get t-shirts and is in the process of designing those right now. If you are interested in joining the Dinosaur Club, contact the president, Ryan Anders, at [email protected]

“Anders is a fun guy and wanted to start a fun club about something awesome, and dinosaurs are the most awesome,” said sophomore Melody Sowder in an email. “I loved bugs and dinosaurs as a kid, and I’m really looking forward to the nostalgia of watching “˜Land Before Time’ and eating dinosaur-shaped foods! I think anyone who likes to have fun and reminisce about the good old days (including the prehistoric) should join the Dinosaur Club.”