Trinity alumni help develop miracle hangover cure

Forget the cold showers and countless cups of coffee to cure hangovers. There’s a new product on the market that promises to be one of the most effective cures available.

Trinity alumnus Osas Obaiza, a 2010 graduate, is one of the founders of a company that has recently developed Liquid I.V., a high-quality, all-natural, rehydration therapy drink. Liquid I.V. is meant to be used as either a sports drink or as a miracle cure for your worst hangover.

The founders of Liquid I.V. all met in high school in Santa Barbara, Calif. After graduating from Trinity and moving to Los Angeles, Obaiza met up with the team and began working to start the company. The company, Morning Miracle L.L.C., was officially founded in late 2012 by Obaiza and a team of three others, including fellow alumnus Cory Garrett, “˜10. The company is just now starting to really make its way into the market of sports drinks.

“It’s really tough. We don’t have a million employees. We’re just chasing the dream, I guess,” Obaiza said.

Obaiza, an English major and creative writing minor, did not expect to become a founding member of a new business when he was a student at Trinity.

“You don’t have to be a business major or finance major to do these things. I had no idea this would come, but I’m super happy for the opportunity,” Obaiza said.

Although the business realm is relatively new for him, the company is receiving a lot of support from the community.

“Luckily, there are a lot of people willing to help and show us the ropes,” Obaiza said.

The idea for the drink surfaced when the founders of Liquid I.V. noticed that Pedialyte, an oral rehydration drink made for infants and children, was being consumed by hundreds of athletes during workouts and by friends after drinking alcohol the night before. After extensive research and testing to turn this into the perfect hydrating drink for adults, Liquid I.V. was born.

The drink is marketed toward people who want to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Unlike Gatorade, Liquid I.V. has higher levels of electrolytes and vitamins with less than half the sugar and calories and zero fat.

The perfect combination of electrolytes and glucose in the drink is what makes it such an effective cure for hangovers, since many symptoms of a hangover are caused by dehydration. As an added plus, Liquid I.V. is also made with completely all-natural ingredients. It contains no preservatives, artificial flavors or artificial coloring.

As of now, Liquid I.V. is commercially available only in a few convenience stores in California. However, Obaiza hopes to make the drink available in Texas through the company’s college ambassador program. This program employs university students to use their marketing skills to promote the brand on campus.

“The college ambassador program is the main way we sell our product,” Obaiza said.

Trinity will be one of the schools involved in the program because of the founders’ connection.

In the meantime, Liquid I.V. can be purchased online. One order includes six dry packets that each make one twenty-ounce bottle. Buyers can also sign up for a monthly subscription.

To order Liquid I.V., go to Students interested in getting involved with the college ambassador program can contact [email protected]