Rocky Horror frightens students in more ways than one


For those who have never experienced the Rocky Horror Picture Show, the event can be pretty shocking. Here are a few tips and tricks to expect from Rocky Horror veterans to help all newcomers get through the night and make the most of their experience.

The movie “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” is about Brad and Janet, a recently-engaged couple whose car breaks down, leaving them trapped in a castle with Dr. Frank-N-Furter, a psychotic sexual deviant. During the showing of the movie, Trinity students will act out scenes and musical numbers from the movie while interacting with the audience members.

It is traditional to show up to Rocky Horror in skimpy, promiscuous outfits. Sophomore Josh Humphreys, a Rocky Horror veteran who is playing the role of Dr. Frank-N-Furter this year, suggests dressing up for the night.

“Think of that one outfit you’ve secretly always wanted to wear that’s sexy or just ridiculous but never had a chance to wear it,” Humphreys said.

Kyle Barbre, a senior and this year’s director of Rocky Horror, also suggests dressing up.

“I would encourage drag and cross-dressing as much as anyone would like. Let your inner promiscuity out, I suppose. Corsets, fishnets, things like that,” Barbre said.

Before the movie, the cast will put on the virgin games.

“The virgin games are for anyone who hasn’t seen a live version of Rocky Horror. Just seeing the movie doesn’t count,” Barbre said.

Newcomers will be marked with a red V on their forehead at the door and will be randomly chosen from the audience to participate in the games. These games can range anywhere from best costume to an orgy competition.

“The virgin games are a way to kill time and get the energy of the room going. It’s a way to loosen up the audience and get everyone on the same mindset,” said junior Brady Iba, also a Rocky Horror veteran.

Seating choice can be an important factor for the Rocky Horror experience.

“We have a splash zone. If you sit near the front, we will think you want the full experience, and you will be privy to us potentially groping you and having you interact with the cast,” Humphreys said.

However, there are safe zones for anyone uncomfortable with this type of interaction.

“If you want to be left alone and observe, the back of the room is the place for you,” Barbre said.

One of the main ways the audience participates in Rocky Horror is through “call-outs.” These can vary from show to show depending on cast and location, but at each showing, certain things are shouted out at certain times in the show. For Trinity, the big ones are right after you hear any names.

“The ones people should know are Janet is “˜slut’ and Brad is “˜asshole,'” Barbre said.

It is also recommended to know the dance to the song “Time Warp.”

“Everyone gets up and does it, so I would definitely look it up on YouTube or get a veteran to teach you. It really adds to the group experience,” Iba said.

Overall, the biggest piece of advice from the Rocky Horror producers is to come with an open mind.

“It is one of those things that you just have to experience, but expect to be surprised with what you see. We are all there for the same reason: to have a good laugh,” Iba said.

Trinity’s Rocky Horror Picture Show will run next Friday in the Fiesta Room. Doors will open at 11 p.m., and the virgin games will start around 11:30 p.m. Outside food and beverages are not allowed.