An increasing need for water

You may have noticed this summer that your favorite lake was dried up or a tree you considered an old friend is now a dead stump. These visible signs of drought are minor compared to the many problems our state may face if our needs for water are not properly addressed. As our state’s population is expected to double in the next 50 years, the demand for a clean, dependable water supply will continue to increase, while the supply will continue to decrease.

We have been the number one state for job creation, but the economic development that has supplied those jobs cannot continue without an increased water supply. The demand for affordable housing will increase with our increased population, but development of new neighborhoods depends on increaseing the water supply and stengthening the infrastructure that delivers it. Our cost of living in the future will increasingly depend on how much water is available to us and at what price.

While the availability of water affects all Texans, none are affected more than today’s students. Our parents may already have jobs, housing and an infrastructure that delivers an adequate supply of water at a reasonable price, but it is students who face a lifetime need for these necessities to be increased to serve an increased population.

Students for Texas Water is an organization created to aid the future water needs of Texans. This is our fight because we are the future of Texas, and we accept the challenge of doing our part to keep that future bright.

Our immediate goal is the passage of Proposition 6, in November. Proposition 6 is an amendment to the Texas Constitution that creates a $2 billion revolving fund to finance important projects for the Texas Water Plan. These projects are crucial for maintaining the strength of Texas industry  and agriculture and ensures that our cities and rural areas continue to thrive. Proposition 6 has strong bipartisan support, as evidenced by its endorsement by a group of 151 members of the legislature led by House Speaker Joe Strauss.

This amendment has particular significance for students because it has been set up to meet our water needs for the next 50 years. This is about the amount of time most of us who are currently enrolled in college will be alive. By supporting Proposition 6, you are supporting the maintenance and expansion of our water infrastructure for the rest of our lives. This is why the upcoming election on Nov. 5 is so critical. It truly is a chance for students who will be affected directly by the water problems in our state to engage in the democratic process and make a significant difference.

Please join us in our fight for adequate water in the future of Texas. By doing so, you are fighting for your own future. Vote “yes” on Proposition 6 on Nov. 5, and ask your parents to do the same.

Johnathan Box is a junior majoring in political science.