Guest director Chet Walker leaves show in good hands

Award-winning choreographer Chet Walker directed this year’s MainStage musical “Pippin.”  Walker is known as the co-creator and co-choreographer of the Broadway musical, “Fosse,” and as the choreographer of the current revival of “Pippin.” For five weeks, he worked with Trinity’s actors to put on this show, which opens tonight in Stieren Theater.

Q: What were your initial thoughts on coming to Trinity?

A: I had no preconceived ideas.  I had never been to San Antonio, and I didn’t know anything about the school. The only thing I knew was about the show.  And I never say no.  I only say yes.

Q: How has your experience been overall?

A: It’s interesting because the school doesn’t have a musical theatre program per se, so the people who are here doing the show have other majors.  So, it’s amazing that they’ve been able to dedicate so much time to do something like this.

Q: How has directing at Trinity been different from other productions?

A: Every show has the elements that you need, and you don’t know what those elements will be until you get here.  So, this experience has not been any different in how you put something together than any other show I’ve ever done.

Q: Is the production unique in any way because of Trinity students?

A: The subject matter, although universal to everyone, is about a young boy’s journey into finding what life’s all about, and that’s what they’re doing in their lives right now”“trying to find out where they should be in this world”“so I think it’s unique in the sense that it really talks to them.

Q: Do you have any worries about the show now that you’re leaving?

A: No, because I leave it in good hands and, as I’ve learned through many years, the show will happen. The curtain will go up and go down and magic will happen in this very theater and on this very stage.