Excuses to hibernate

Time and time again we have learned the importance of sleep, especially in relation to academic success. But during finals, we often sacrifice time to sleep in order to achieve academic success. Well, here lies the main paradox of finals: we need sleep but we don’t have time to sleep. So here are excuses you should use in order to get some shut eye.


I know the material: I will definitely  be able to catch up.


This bed is far too soft to leave.


How is it time already? My watch must be wrong.


I will be late if I leave now. I don’t want to be embarrassed.


I need to sleep to heal my brain.


Sleep is important for mental development.


I have been so stressed out lately, I need a break.


I don’t think I got enough REM last night.


Sleeping is just so much easier than anything I have planned today.


I think I might have the flu.


My alarm didn’t ring loud/long enough.