Editorial: Fight the frost

The beginning of second semester is a weird time in any college student’s life. If you are a first year, you might be emerging from the haze of first semester into the harsh reality of academic life. You still have to read things. You still have to write things. People have less tolerance for your stories about high school and how drunk you got at a party over the weekend. If you’re a sophomore, you might be facing academia with the confidence of someone who has finally chosen a path. You’re kind of weirdly excited for class. New year, new you. If you’re a junior, you are experiencing one of four emotions: 1. Stoked all your friends are back from going abroad 2. Bummed out because all your friends left to go abroad. 3. Scared turning into stoked because you are finally abroad and having a blast. 4. Extremely bummed out because study abroad is over and now school matters, and you’re back to being underage. If you’re a senior, life’s a beach and you’re just playing in the sand…if the sand is deceivingly stressful and pressuring you to come up with a life plan.

No matter what stage you’re at, we encourage you to make this semester special. Is that statement cliche? Yes. Is asking whether or not it’s cliche even more cliche? Double yes. But, hey, at the Trinitonian, we believe that everyone needs a little cliche in their lives. This could be the semester you really discover what you’re about. Maybe you need to change your major. Maybe you need to start preparing to go abroad. Maybe you need to eat something other than Einstein bagels and Mabee cookies (for suggestions, see pages 12-14).

Spring semester is the semester to let it all out. Go big or go home. Be as crazy as the weather. Embrace the cliche. Make spring 2014 matter. Use this semester to do some kick-ass research. Write a kick-ass paper. Get a kick-ass GRE, LSAT or MCAT score. Throw a kick-ass party. Take someone on a kick ass date. Play a kick-ass game. Just kick some ass.