“Crimes of the Heart” steals the weekend


The Trinity theatre department is examining the human psyche in their new play “Crimes of the Heart.” The production started rehearsing at the beginning of the semester. The cast is looking forward to the play because of its spontaneous nature. Unlike other productions, there is no set-blocking, and the actors are not tied down to a certain number of lines.

The director, Roberto Prestigiacomo, is excited for the show. He said he has had a great time working with the cast and is looking forward to sharing the play with the community.

“This has been a fantastic cast. Each member of the cast has worked very hard and is adding his or her talent to the final success of the production. I look forward to sharing this production with the audience at large,” Prestigiacomo said. “We hope the audience will enjoy being brought into the early “˜70s and experience its flavor.  Also, we hope the audience will enjoy a great evening of theatre at Trinity.”

The cast members are happy with the work that they have put into the production and expect that it will come out as a solid and polished performance that will be enjoyed. First year Jacob Pursell has expressed that the production is something that they have worked hard on and should come out well. He hopes the community will enjoy it as much as he thinks they will.

“I personally love the play. We have really worked to make this as good as we possibly can, and I know that it will come off the way we want it to,” Pursell said. “I can only hope the rest of the people that come to watch it enjoy it as much as we do.”

Another cast member, senior Rachel Laven, is also excited about the play. She cannot wait to present the final product to the audience tonight.

“The production is always different each time we do it because there is no set blocking, and we never agreed on how we would say lines. There are patterns, but the energy and life of the show are different every night. It keeps it fresh and exciting,” Laven said.

The fun that the cast has had is important to Laven, and she feels that the chemistry will really bring the cast together.

“I have never felt a stronger connection to an entire cast before. Since we are so small, we’ve really built strong relationships on and off stage. I think the chemistry you see on stage is much more natural because of this. Each member of the cast is so talented and professional, while still humble and humorous. I haven’t laughed this much in a rehearsal process ever. The giggle fits are constant, but this time, we can use them onstage, too.”

“Crimes of the Heart” opens at 8 p.m. tonight in the Ruth Taylor Theater and will run throughout the weekend. The closing show is Sunday, Feb. 22.