Editorial: Learn Together, Grow Together

This week at the Trinitonian we have been thinking about mistakes and missed opportunities. A recent spate of procedural errors and sloppy reporting have required us to both print corrections and scrap stories altogether. Receiving these emails and printing corrections is embarrassing. The Trinitonian is a newspaper devoted to getting the facts straight, and it is unpleasant to realize that we printed misinformation. We would like to thank the students and faculty who take the time to read our paper and email us when they notice mistakes. Above all, we want people to enjoy reading the newspaper, and we want them to enjoy it because the articles are fun and informative and not because spotting mistakes in the newspaper is a Friday night drinking game.

All of that being said, if you want to see something in the Trinitonian, email us. Drop by the newsroom (it’s in the basement of CCI). Stop by after Milk N’ Cookies on Thursdays. We’ll be down here, and we would love to hear from you. Of course, we need a little heads up in order to get your event or article idea into the newspaper. We prefer a two week heads up. Talk to us about your ideas. Our articles rely on interviews. The easiest way to guarantee that the information in our stories is accurate is to tell it to us yourself. There’s a saying about journalists that conveys something to the effect of “a journalist is the person in the room who knows the least.” Often times, reporters and writers walk into a situation knowing very little about it. We are blank canvases. Use us to paint a masterpiece.