Music contest gives college students wings

Trinity students showed up in droves to support their fellow students and friends in a recent competition put on by Red Bull in San Antonio, at the ReBar on Broadway called the iPod Play and Destroy Battle.

Contestants were given 16 song categories. They then chose 30-second clips from three songs in each category. They would go against each other head-to-head in rounds, and the winners were decided on crowd reaction.

There were eight different contestants in the competition, and Trinity student Zachary Coplen was in charge of the event.

There were several Trinity students that participated in the event, including the contest winner, junior Rob Matsurra. Matsurra competed under the DJ name DJ Raw Dog and described the atmosphere and the contest.

“It was incredible. The building was so loud, and everyone was there to have fun. I had a blast making the list, and to have it come off as a win was awesome. Everyone there was really into it and we all had a lot of fun together,” Matsurra said.

Another one of the contestants was sophomore Zachary Treu, who competed under the name DJ Treu Chainz. Treu faced Matsurra in the competition and lost in the first round on a tiebreaker. Treu described how he found out about the competition and how it went.

“Well, Zac Coplen told me about it since we play soccer together, so I decided to enter. I worked really hard on my list with my friend Callum Squires and was really disappointed he wasn’t allowed on stage with me,” Treu said. “The crowd was incredible and everyone there was so loud. The people came to hear some good music and some classics they hadn’t heard in a while, and I think they were provided with that.”

Trinity students did not only compete, but they also showed up to watch the contest. One of the many students that was in the crowd was first year Katherine Wilkes. Wilkes went to support a friend that was in the competition and stayed for the whole contest.

“It was really fun. All the categories were awesome, and I got to hear a lot of songs I really like and some that I haven’t heard in a really long time. The atmosphere was really positively charged,” Wilkes said.