Medina’s Trinity bucket list

Almost two years ago, Megan Julian invited me to write a column for the Trinitonian. At the time, she was managing editor of the paper. Though I don’t have that email anymore, I remember it well. I was to write an opinion column about media. However, looking over the work I have produced for the Trinitonian over the past two years, this column has covered topics far more varied than that. I’ve written about Black Friday, the repeal of DOMA, sexual abuse, catfishing, surveillance, plagiarism, elections and the Brady Bunch. Now, I am down to two last columns, and I’m not writing about media for either of them.

These are my final weeks at Trinity, too. I could say that I’m like a graduating senior, as I am leaving at the end of four years. It’s nothing personal. The visiting part of being a “visiting assistant professor” means that I was to remain here for a limited time. So, at the end of my contract, I will be going elsewhere to teach other students. Trinity has been great, but it’s coming to an end, so what better way to wrap it up than to have the current Trinitonian staff help me compile a bucket list? I could not come up with anything better, so I went to them for advice.  They gave me a list of ten items that would be the perfect ending  for my four-year visit at Trinity.

Here it is:

1. Get dumped in the fountain.

2. Climb the tower.

3. Spend a night in the library.

4. Attend rave at the library.

5. Go inside every building on campus.

6. Take a picture with LeeRoy.

7. Attend milk and cookies and earn a mug.

8. Take a picture with LeeRoy statue in front of Bell Center.

9. Venture into Murchison cave.

10. Walk with the nurses.

So far, I have been dumped in the fountain and have ventured into the Murchison cave. I wholeheartedly recommend the first one, especially if the weather is nice. The latter”¦ not so much. I’m fairly sure that I got bitten by some kind of bug, perhaps from whatever inhabits the so-called cave, and I don’t think it came from a Trinity cat. Let’s just leave it at that, shall we?

Maybe some of you might wonder why I chose to complete a bucket list. It’s simple. I wanted to just do something fun before I left Trinity. I love working here and being part of this community.  After almost four years, there are things on this campus that I had never attempted nor knew about. It’s time to remedy that. It’s almost time to climb the tower.

Cynara Medina is a communication professor.