Editorial: 4/11

At the Trinitonian, we think we can all agree that spring has officially sprung. With spring comes warmer temperatures, different sports, final projects, better holidays (Cinco de Mayo, anyone?) and last but not least: registration. Now, we know what you might be thinking. But, Trinitonian, there’s registration in the fall, too! Well, reader, spring registration is infinitely more important, and here’s why.

First, it’s symbolic””way more symbolic than fall registration. Spring registration happens when flowers are blooming and chicks are hatching. Spring registration is an opportunity to be reborn. Messed up all your spring classes? No worries, you can take all new classes that you’ll totally ace in the fall! Fall registration, though, takes place when autumn shifts into winter. Everything is dying; everything is cold. Fall registration is not a happy place at all.

Second, after spring registration, you get summer. It is the ultimate risk and reward. You stress out about making sure you get into the right classes while also stressing about not failing the classes you’re currently taking, and, when you’re eventually flung out of the registration/finals tornado, you are definitely not in TriniKansas anymore. You are in SummerOz, beautiful, warm, colorful SummerOz. Now, after fall registration, you do get the holidays. Who doesn’t love lights, food, family and presents? But still, it only lasts four weeks, at best, and then you are thrust back into the harsh reality of academic life.

Basically, spring registration is the best. Spring is the best. It’s a happy time. Don’t let the grind get you down. Celebrate registration, celebrate spring.