SGA Weekly Updates

The Student Government Association (SGA) discussed the potential installment of a B-Cycle station on campus this past meeting, as well as funding requests. The discussion involving B-Cycle ended with the senators electing to continue the discussion at a later date after having further discussed it with the representative who is interacting with SGA from B-Cycle. This decision follows a poll of the student body considering the move, which received response from about 10 percent of students and has helped push the matter forward. The funding requests for the meeting were as follows:

The Latino Exchange presented their funding request for $1,650 to fund a party that would raise money for Relay for Life, held at Club Rio. The funding request did not pass the motion of spirit, and so was not considered for funding.

The Trinity Progressives requested $1,400.61 in funding for their Think Outside the Bottle program, for which the SGA requested more information before proceeding.

The Trinity Progressives also requested $1,018.62 in funding for their Mental Health Awareness Week events, which took place this past week around campus. This funding request covered the charge for printing t-shirts, as well as helped fund the events held during the week around campus. Their funding request was fulfilled in full.

Tomorrow, a small version of the Student Involvement Fair will take place around the Miller Fountain to introduce prospective students to current students so that they may better understand their opportunities around campus. The event will last from 11 to 12 p.m, and SGA representatives will be present.