Editorial: 4/25

The end is finally upon us. This is the last regular issue of the Trinitonian. Next Friday’s newspaper will be chock full of senior columns–it will be chock full of only senior columns. The articles we’re publishing this week are the last articles you will read in the Trinitonian this year. Of course, the news doesn’t stop just because the school year ends. Here are our top three stories to follow when school starts back up again:

1. Sexual assault forums and their subsequent policy changes. Make sure to follow the new Coalition of Respect.

2. Follow the university’s rebranding campaign. It’s a lot bigger than a couple of billboards.

3. Greek life. Interactions between the sororities, the fraternities, and the administration are always intriguing.

Stay involved with campus news. You live here for four years. Might as well know what’s happening.