TigerTV selects new managers for 2014-2015

Lights, camera, action! TigerTV has chosen its new leadership team for the 2014-2015 school year.

TigerTV is Trinity University’s television station. The station airs three shows that are completely run by students: “Newswave,” “Studio 21″ and the “Not So Late Show.” The station recently elected new students to hold the various positions that are necessary for the shows to run.

Junior Leah Hoffpauir was chosen as the station’s manager.

“I’ll go to all three of the shows and make sure everything’s running well there and that the executive producers are doing their jobs,” Hoffpauir said. “There are five managers that I’ll also be over, and they help out with other aspects of the station aside from the three shows.”

In addition to station manager, TigerTV has a production manager, special projects manager, marketing promotions manager and web manager.

Next year, junior Monica Clifford, TigerTV’s current program manager, will be the executive producer of “Studio 21,” the station’s show that discusses the latest in pop culture. Sophomore Davis Alcorn will take over as the station’s new program manager.

“The goal of the program manager is to schedule what goes on TV apart from the three live TV shows. I’ll be the one who plans the movies and the music videos that get played, so it’s a lot of coordinating with the company that gives us the movies and the TV shows,” Alcorn said.

Each month, the program manager creates a month-long plan for the station, normally centered around a specific theme that guides what is shown on the station. Clifford, for example, did a month themed around Hitchcock movies earlier this year.

“We’d love to incorporate more student work. Right now, we show a lot of music videos, but I’d really like to replace some of that with videos by students,” Clifford said.

Alcorn also hopes to involve more students and spread the word about the station to the larger student body. Alcorn insists that communication majors currently make up the majority of those who know about and watch the station.

“TigerTV is such a huge resource here at Trinity. It is a two-million-dollar studio with real equipment, and we put on our own live TV shows,” Alcorn said. “It would be kind of cool if the campus knew more about it. You would be surprised by the amount of people who have no idea what TigerTV even is.”

The new managers and producers have several ideas for the upcoming year, and they are working hard to raise awareness about the station around Trinity’s campus so that more students can see the hard work put into TigerTV.

“We have a really great team of managers that I’ll be working with next year,” Hoffpauir said. “Everyone’s so excited and has a lot of new ideas. I can’t wait for the campus to see the changes in place and for more people to watch and get involved.”